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Real Woman Deadbody Postmortem 3gp Mobile Video VERIFIED

another important point to be noted while evaluating postmortem staining pattern is the relation of the site of the injury to the site of the livid staining. if the site of injury is far away from the livid area, this staining may be underestimated as it may spread towards the site of injury from the site where it has already spread towards.

Real Woman Deadbody Postmortem 3gp Mobile Video

in the medicolegal death investigations, the postmortem staining is considered as an important feature for estimation of the time of death (tod). however, the staining is irregular and may occur only on certain parts of the body like the front or the back or the front of the arms or leg, etc. such areas are termed as primary or predilection sites of staining. in such cases, the location of the primary staining is of paramount importance as it may provide a clue as to the tod based on the number of hours since death. however, the irregularity in the pattern and location of postmortem staining and the fact that it is dependent on a number of factors need to be carefully considered. the presence or absence of staining may not always be indicative of the time of death, if the staining has been delayed due to blood coagulation or if it occurs only on certain parts of the body.

similar to the causes of death, the presence or absence of postmortem staining also depends on many factors. in a majority of the cases, the body will be lying on the natural or the anatomical position at the time of death. for example, if a person has thrown himself/herself into the water during drowning, the head will be in water and the bottom of the back will be in air. the blood in air will immediately coagulate and the body will assume a horizontal position. with complete rigor mortis, the body will assume a vertical position. in these situations, the lividity pattern will be related to the upright position of the body. however, in such situations, the staining may not occur as the staining may not be uniform as it depends on the time since death. if lividity occurs on areas other than the head, the body must have been kept in other positions, and this may be helpful in estimation of tod. careful consideration has to be given to the position of the body in such situations.


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