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Still, he'd lost millions of dollars in income and an opportunity to box during his prime in defense of a principle. His decision to refuse the draft was the first big crack in domestic support for the Vietnam War, and his experience played a big part in convincing politicians and voters that maybe the country would be better off with an all-volunteer force.

[11.] Q. Mr. President, General Eisenhower has taken a crack at the national budget. He told Charlie Halleck in a letter that he thought it could be reduced by about $13 billion. The General was especially critical of your space program. He said that there were enormous sums being wasted in that field. Would you care to comment?

There are a couple of theaters inside of Iraq, war theaters. One, of course, is Baghdad, itself, where the sectarian violence is brutal. And we've got to help them -- we've got to help the Maliki government stop it and crack it and prevent it from spreading, in order to be successful.

While U.S.-Thai counterterrorism cooperation has led to important arrests, it has also negatively impacted human rights in Thailand. Before Thailand became an ally in the war on terror, Washington was more direct in its criticism of Thai forces employing excessive force against civilians, especially in a war on drugs that former Prime Minister Thaksin initiated. But once Bangkok agreed to send troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, American officials became more circumspect in voicing their concerns. Thus the Thaksin government could occasionally use heavy-handed measures to crack down on insurgents in the heavily Muslim southern provinces without worrying much about international political repercussions. 350c69d7ab


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