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Henry Yakushev
Henry Yakushev

James D - A New Hope (Original Mix)

In 1992, Moore requested a return to the Baltimore-Washington area in the hope of becoming a store manager. Moore served as a manager in training and then sales manager until September 1993, when Defendant promoted Moore to store manager at the Landover store. Moore alleges that the delay in his promotion was much longer than for equivalent white applicants. As the Landover store manager, Moore met many financial goals and demonstrated some success although he demonstrated a weakness in managing inventory. (The Landover store had a history of poor inventory management.) In March 1994, Moore's evaluation documented an average or above average rating in all categories. Moore sought to become a district manager. However, between September 1993 and August 1996, while Moore was a store manager, at least two white persons were promoted to district manager but Moore was not.[15]

James D - A New Hope (Original Mix)

Around 1989, Sims transferred to the Timonium store. There Sims became the lead video sales counselor in July 1990 and attended the training program for sales managers. However, again Circuit City did not promote Sims and in fact demoted him to sales counselor again. In July 1991, Defendant promoted Rita Bowen, a white employee, to sales manager. In mid-1991, Sims requested a transfer to the Golden Ring store in the hope that he could increase his opportunity for advancement. Again at the Golden Ring store, Sims performed well, ranking among the top sales counselors and received a 1992 Sales Excellence Award, among other honors. Sims applied for each vacancy for a sales manager without success while white employees were promoted to the position. Therefore, in this lawsuit, Sims brings the following claim:

Other programs funded through the same account might take the brunt of the budget cut. The bureau could trim American Community Survey coverage of group facilities such as college dorms, military barracks and nursing homes, or cut out data products; it could slow down planning for the 2017 Economic Census. It could ditch its new initiative to build an enterprise system for data collection and processing, which it hopes will replace numerous (and costly) survey-specific systems. 041b061a72


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