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Android Htc Hd2 Nand Download [REPACK]

ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) for HTC HD2 is a must installed tool as most of the NAND Android ROMs are in CWM zip format. You need to use ClockworkMod Recovery to install these zip ROMs from SD card. Besides, ClockworkMod Recovery can make full system backup and restore using Nandroid. ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 will be installed into NAND memory, therefore MAGLDR v1.13 is needed. Please follow step by step video guide to install it.

android htc hd2 nand download

Download Zip:

While the HTC HD2 has had custom Android builds for quite a while, all those ROMs have been made to run from the external SD card memory but that has just changed as now you can install the stock Android 2.2 FroYo ROM from the HTC Desire on the internal NAND memory of your HTC HD2. Read on for details, download link and installation instructions.

UPDATE: The primary tool used in this guide i.e. MAGLDR has seen an update since the time of writing this guide and the newer version brings a LOT of improvements making several of the following steps unnecessary. You can still download the same ROM and install it but for the procedure, see our updated guide on how to install Android on internal NAND memory of HTC HD2 with MAGLDR.

i downloaded and installed it,working fine i think,but my contacts are gone,on winmo i had all of them,but now i have got 1 contact on my sim card.can i go back to winmo and copy all my contacs to my sim and then back to android to copy them from my sim to phone?or is there a other way?and downloading apps from market is very very this normal?

After visiting lots of android how-to sites that simply copy and paste from the xda forums, I was lucky enough hit your site. Many sets of instructions for these procedures, though correct and thorough, are written in a form of tech-ize immediately identifiable to anyone who has developed a tension headache sifting through the hundreds of comments in the xda forum for a simple yet omitted description or definition. Yours are detailed enough for expediency without the obscuration techies tend to value.

Try removing your micro SD Card then redownload your NAND Rom again. Extract it using WinZip or WinRar then right click and select Run As Administrator (Vista and Windows7 only) with your AntiVirus turned off

well i stayed persistant pulled the battery over and over about 3 hrs worth lol and downloaded tmos hd2 upgrade got the screen to stay in rainbow red green and the other 2 colors and tmos upgrade went back on as i ran it as administrator wiped nand magdlr out forever rightback at u dft now i want the android build still would u direct me to everything thats right for my hd2 mr jacee heres the specs -os version5.2.221913-manilla version rom 3.14.531.1 wwe-radio version i dont have the tmo 16gb sd card i bought a 8gb from the store would that work and how would i put the android cooked rom and dwnloder to it .because i strongly recomend it for first time users its a whole lot of step by step instructions and videos that dont tell you everything trust me i was lucky so mr jacee please taylor make me a put together android thats right for my phone please i really do thank you on your help.

i have successfully installed the NAND android and it works smooth as cutting butter with knife.But i have 3 issues right now.1) i cant make videos?2) The G-sensor does not work properly like the sensor does not interacts properly and whenever i am using any application, it goes on landscape mode, how can i fix this issue?3) All the applications are being installed on the Phone storage which is reducing my hd2 space in just few applications. How can i directly install the applications on the memory card instead of installing it in the phone memory and then moving them to the memory card, but it works only for third party applications?

I have installed nand android on my HD2 and everything is working perfectly. Only thing that is strange is GPS. It needs about 10 min and more to receive valid signal from satellites. In winmo 6.5 that time was less then one minute. I was using A-GPS and i cant find such thing in android.Any advice?

OMG! im on the last step. The problem is that the NAND i downloaded is not working for me it says readme txt is missing and error something something. Im at the boot loader in android flasher mode and i cant install android wat do i do?

Well wen i opned the android i think its called DAF it showed me the the read carefully page. Then i hit next and it said readme text missing. Then i cant remember from there but it said error and it closed. I dont know what is going on my phone is stuck in the MAGLDR menu. Im so close but yet so far. Do you recommend me to download another ROM?

i want to change the android to darkstone as ive heard its the fastest and smoothest. i tried installing custom RUU to 2.15 but it still showed 448mb. I tried some other links but it was asking for user name and pwd.

Hello.The problem is solved. I didnt use your nand android.But i found another that did work. Cleandroid.i hce never been so happy, because 3g is working too now( this didnt work before). Im never going to switch again haha .But thanks, your site is great. You are the best!

1. As what you have mentioned, we need ROM 1.66. I checked from HTC according to my version is from Hongkong, I only found the lowest ROM 1.72. So i give a shot download and install it. My current ROM is 3.14 so i downgrade it to 1.72.

You have any solution for that? Im not really sure 1.72 rom support 576MB ram. I tried to download ROM 1.66 according to your link, but i cannot download it due to the serial number of my phone is not match.

Jayce, can i install ROM version 1.66 from HTC South East Asia? Is it ok if i install from other region? Mine is from Hongkong. My country is in Brunei. If so i think i need to find South East Asia serial number to download the ROM. Many thanks

hey jay i installed this on my hd2 and it works perfect everything calls wifi just everything but i do find the battery still kinda bad is there anything i can do to get a good battery life and yes i am running this of nand not sd card thanks

i download this and install it on my hd2. when people call me all i hear is a robot voice and the 3g doesnt seem to be working. my phone also does not want to charge. is there anyway i can reset the phone settings? i want to put it in windows mobile 6.5 . the system it came with

MY HD2 IS LITERALLY SCREWED!! i did all the right process up to the android part after the download my phone just go up to the dark forces team logo or startup whatever then it shuts off and start over what can i do i am so worried please reply!!

Hi Jayce,I have 2 questions.1. How to copy the apps to SD card. I noticed most of them are in internal memory and it takes up space.2. Pls provide link to upgrade to android 2.3.2 or 2.3.3? Pls advice.tks,Bobby

Hey Jayce, I followed your instructions as well as watch the videos for installing Android Nand on my hd2 but in the middle of my download an error occurred and all my phone keeps doing is turning on and off. When it is on it shows the booting screen briefly then it shows the DFT screen before turning off. Is there anything i can do?

Jayce ignore my previous queries. I have installed Anroid to my HTC HD2! Thank you for your patience. Everything went fine. In fact i was able to download apps from marketplace except that when it hung, i restarted it by removing the battery and now it wont boot android. im just left with the black screen with htc green letters. any advice?

I downloaded everything i needed. i was at the boot menu selected 4 and it did what it needed too but now its sitting at the DFT screen. and doing nothing it has been like this for 20+ mins.. what should i do?..

Hey Jayce, android is working great but the only problem i am having is that the lock screen wont seem to respond when i slid it, i have to tap it many times before i can unlock it and another problem i am having is that my sound just randomly stops working, NO SOUND AT ALL!!, and I have to restart my phone and it works fine but then it happens again, no sound what so ever, not even when I lock the phone and unlock it, it doesnt give the little notification sound or anything and it freezes again, please help. ? I really dont want to get another rom, I have a lot of important stuff on it for work, and I finally perfected my phone with all the stuff i want. But the freezing of the lock screen is killing me.

Do you think ,is the problem with Hardware or ebay guy made mistake or android might have screwed my device ? Please help me rectivfy this issue to bring back to work without hangin / Touch screen should work and also color need to bring back Actual color

hi jayce..i have t-mobile hd2 i think its european model its hardware buttons are white with no green or red button & its flash size is 512 mb..OS Version 5.2.21864 (21864.5.0.81) Manila version 2.5.19202525.0 ROM version (70315) WWE, ROM date 10/28/09, Radio version, Protocol version, Spl 1.42.0000 and its ram is 448 mb..pls bro guide i need to upgrade the rom version of my hd2 and do i need the latest Radio version for install the android nand on my htc hd2 if yes then which which rom & which Radio version i need for my hd2 and bro i dont knw this tmobile hd2 belongs to which country becuse this is used hd2..and the saler also didnot know the country version of this mobile..pls Jayce guide me..i want to install 2.2 android froyo on my hd2

thanks Jayce for replying..but one thing which i want to ask do i need to upgrade my rom which is (70315) WWE does my rom version which is (70315) WWE support the android nand..thanks

jayce i download all the data before 2 days..but now i upgrade my window xp to window 7..can these files run on my window 7 because i downloaded them on my window xp..should window xp downloaded files run on window 7


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