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Henry Yakushev
Henry Yakushev

Bottle Girlzip ((FREE))

HydroFlask is great for everyday use to keep water super-duper cold, while the lighter reusable Nalgene is better for camping and hiking. (Pro tip: on cold nights in the tent, you can use your Nalgene as a hot water bottle! Just fill it with near-boiling water before bedtime and toss it inside your sleeping bag.) Most granola girl water bottles are plastered with stickers, like one for each of your favorite National Parks. I love trawling Etsy for unique stickers to swap with friends.

Bottle Girlzip


Mary Rushton from Atlanta, founded The Rushton Company in 1917 and Wight, her daughter, designed most of the dolls and stuffed animals. Until 1983 the firm was family owned and operated. Rushton's dolls were made of the best materials. Rayon, plush and cotton stuffed with top grade products. The sewed-in eyes did not pull out, and the noses were embroidered by hand. Tongues were made of felt & the bows of satin. A popular doll is the Rushton Santa with the Coke bottle. There are at least three versions with the bottle made including a remake from the 1980s. There are also Star Creation Santa Claus dolls without bottle.Rushton Star CreationRushton made hand painted, rubber dolls and rubber faced animals from the 1950's until the 1960's. Star Creation was one of Rushton's most popular toy lines and consisted of many different toy stuffed Bunnies, monkeys, Rushton Santa, cats, ducks and other animals and dolls with rubber faces.Updated: 1 May 2022Other collectors also search for:Cabbage&nbspPatch&nbspKids Mrs&nbspBeasley&nbspDoll Russ&nbspBerrie Horsman 041b061a72


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