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Henry Yakushev
Henry Yakushev

A Whale Of A Tale!: All About Porpoises, Dolphins, Configure Reich Banl Extra Quality

After many years' study of the characteristic habits of the Humpback, we believe that the females of this species resort in large numbers to favorite inland waters, connected with the ocean, to bring forth their young; but there are many exceptions to this rule, incident to their roving disposition. They are found on different coasts in all accessible latitudes, from the new-born calf to the extremely aged. In their wanderings, they are addicted, more than any other rorqual, to "breaching," "bolting," and "finning." In the mating season they are noted for their amorous antics. At such times their caresses are of the most amusing and novel character, and these performances have doubtless given rise to the fabulous tales of the sword-fish and thrasher attacking whales. When lying by the side of each other, the megapteras frequently administer alternate blows with their long fins, which love-pats may, on a still day, be heard at a distance of miles. They also rub each other with these same huge and flexible arms, rolling, occasionally from side to side, and indulging in other gambols which can easier be imagined than described. The time of gestation is not known; but in all probability it is the same as that of other large Cetaceans, not exceeding ten or twelve months. The calf, when brought forth, is about one-fourth the length of the dam; and it suckles by holding the teat between the extremity of the jaws or lips, while the mother reclines a little on one side; raising the posterior portion of her form nearly out of water, and lying in a relaxed condition. This peculiar manner of suckling the young appears to be common to all the whalebone whales. In this way two calves would be enabled to obtain their nourishment at the same time.

A Whale Of A Tale!: All About Porpoises, Dolphins, configure reich banl


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