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Waylon Allen

Garageband For Os X Yosemite

I like many others have had problems with the transition from the previous garageband to 10.0.3. 2 things mainly are , 1. loads of midi sounds & loops no longer play with 10.0.3 & my jam pack CD,s now seem to be redundant. There is a lot less choice than before & I have lost loads of things such as bass sounds & orchestral sounds. I heard somewhere that downloading MainStage 3 is a good option. Would you recommend it?

Garageband For Os X Yosemite

Hello, not having much success conecting my guitar to garageband 10.0.03 using lead to connect to USB but the lag is horrendous ! Starts off without lag but interference for a few minutes , when this clears guitar sound is good and clear but the lag makes it unplayable. Any Ideas ?

The save as option is back, by default, finnally got logic remote to work first time, yosemite seems quite solid, although if mavericks is your main os, maybe wait a few point releases. All my projects loaded up in GB fine, it did hang on the beachball when I first run GB after updating it and osx, but after has loaded without issue. I like yosemite overall, took me a while to get used to the font, had to change the folders as they were too bright and a few icons as well. Love dark mode, getting used to full screen being on the green traffic light and going out of full screen being on the left instead of right. 350c69d7ab


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