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Masters Degree Sports Management [REPACK]

The goal of this program is to balance theory and practice in order to best prepare each graduate for employment in the field of sport administration. Each student will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the management, business, socio-cultural, ethical and legal applications in the administrative capacities within amateur and professional sports environments. Future employment for Sports Administration graduates would consider employment within intercollegiate athletics (including athletic departments, conferences, and national associations), professional sport organizations (teams and leagues), sport facilities, sports tours, motor sports, corporate sports organizations (sports agencies), and the sports media.

masters degree sports management

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The sport management degree program at Arkansas State University has received specialized accreditation through the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA) located in Fort Collins, CO, USA. The sport management programs in the following degrees are accredited by COSMA:

The Master of Arts in Sport Management concentrates on the theoretical and practical dimensions of the management of athletic events, sports teams and facilities, and the sporting process. The management areas studied include those in the public sector (interscholastic and intercollegiate sport) as well as fitness and facility management. Sport management policy and ethics are also a focus of this emphasis area and research agenda.

MSA classes are taught by faculty members who share their insights and practical knowledge based on extensive professional experience in sports. The program offers access to team executives and professionals in areas such as operations, marketing, and sponsorship in collegiate, professional, and amateur athletics. The curriculum offers a wide range of electives to enable you to focus on your areas of interest. Optional specializations in sports analytics and college sports management are also available.

The College Sports Management specialization focuses on the unique management issues related to collegiate athletics in the United States. College sports, an $8 billion industry, plays a vital role in the US sports market, higher education, media, and the social justice landscape. Students in this specialization learn how to manage the internal and external workings of an athletics department, including the unique human resource, legal, compliance, public relations, marketing, sponsorship, and financial issues facing college athletic departments.

A rewarding career with a sports organization awaits with our Master of Arts in sport administration. This is a practice-based program, so you'll be involved with sports organization management throughout your program. You'll work with other students and be challenged to apply theoretical concepts to sport management roles.

A graduate degree in sport administration will prepare you for athletic coaching, sport management, or athletic administration roles. Our graduate students succeed in highly competitive internship opportunities. These include roles with the United States Olympic Committee, NASCAR, national teams, collegiate athletic departments, sport governing bodies, sports commissions, and various high school sports associations.

The Department of Physical Education and Sport offers graduate and research assistantships to students in the Sports Administration program. Some students also secure a graduate assistantship with University Recreation, Athletics, CMU Events or Ticket Central. We offer graduate students a unique opportunity to pursue research, teaching, or a wide range of sport management responsibilities while pursuing their degrees.

Undergraduate students majoring in sport management may pursue a Master of Arts in Sport Administration (MA) degree during the final year of their bachelor's degree program. The Accelerated MA in Sport Administration allows students to reduce the total number of credits required to complete the combined undergraduate and master's degrees by applying 3 credit hours of program requirements towards both degrees. Thus, with advising and planning, it is possible for students to complete both degree requirements in 5 years.

No, you cannot use your current job/role; however, you could possibly use your current organization. For example, if you are a high school football coach, you could NOT use your roles and responsibilities with the football program towards your internship, however, you could possibly (upon approval) work with other sports and/or the athletic director on other projects for your internship. Or if you work in ticket sales for a professional sports team, you could possibly do your internship with another department (e.g. facility management, marketing, public relations, etc.). If this is your situation, please discuss with the internship coordinator.

Our sport management program teaches business skills, facility and event management, marketing and promotion, field research and more. Supported by renowned faculty members, you will gain hands-on experience and mentorship. What separates us from other sport management programs is the close relationships with many successful alumni and sport organizations. These connections provide professional experience for our students in various forms (graduate assistantships, internship/volunteer partnerships, class/conference speakers, etc.). Our master's and doctoral degree programs are consistently ranked among the top programs in the U.S., with our Ph.D. program ranked #1 in the country by College Choice.

The Doctoral degree in Sport Management has been designed to prepare individuals for employment in universities, in the sport industry, or various leadership positions in a variety of settings. Leadership positions may include private businesses, professional and college athletics, or administration in higher education. Sport as a topic of study is involves much more than understanding the games people play. Sport Management as a field of study includes the delivery of sport, the place of sport in society, and the connection people form with sports and athletes. Students are provided the training and resources to conduct both theoretical and applied studies, and have the opportunity to take courses in several content areas. View our active alumni base here!

UF is a senior member of the State University System of Florida. It was established in 1853 in Gainesville, Florida. Nearly 52,700 students attend the school, which offers a 19:1 student-to-faculty ratio. UF is a public, sea-grant, space-grant, and land-grant research school with an incredible reputation. Some of the degree topics offered include: environmental management in agriculture and natural resources, health education, biology, entomology, industrial and systems engineering, and Latin. The University of Florida is also consistently ranked as one of the top-value schools in the country by sources like Princeton Review and Smart Money Magazine. In 2019 USNR ranks it 35th in National Universities and 91st in Best Value Schools. Average graduate tuition and fees are $12,737 for in-state students, and $29,302 for out-of-state students.

Miami offers an M.S. in Sport Leadership and Management. Its curriculum features sport psychology, sport sociology, sport developmental, and motor learning classes. The program prepares students for consulting, teaching, coaching, research, management, and programming in a number of contexts within the sports industry. Sample electives include Sport, Leisure and Aging, Gender and Sport, Counseling Theories and Practice, and Behavioral Approaches to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, among many others. Students choose one of three Capstone Experience options, including thesis research, a research experience, or a practicum.

A&M offers a Master of Science in Sport Management. It comes in thesis and non-thesis options, and aims to give students a new understanding of sport management through research and creativity. A minimum of 32 credit hours are required for the thesis option, and 36 credit hours are required for the non-thesis option. A&M does a very thorough job of letting students know exactly what is required from them to enter and complete this degree. Follow the link below to see the specs on it, and feel free to request more information from A&M directly to help you in your application process.

Temple is a state-affiliated research university based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1884. Nearly 40,000 students attend the school, which offers a 14:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Temple is especially known for its professional programs in sports management, law, medicine, podiatry, pharmacy, dentistry, and architecture. In 2019 USNR ranks Temple 93rd in Best Value Schools and 106th in National Universities. Average graduate tuition and fees are $17,054 for in-state students, and $23,048 for out-of-state students.

The Online Masters of Science in Sport Management provides a specialized education in sport management for those individuals interested in professional management or administrative opportunities in professional sports, interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics administration, sports facilities, sports media, and sports marketing and management agencies.

This sport management program can help you prepare for a high-level career with sport teams and agencies, event and facility management, parks and recreation agencies, intercollegiate and scholastic sports, sport equipment manufacturing companies and sales.

At the University of Southern Indiana, our 100% Master of Science in Sport Management is led by expert faculty members and practicing sports professionals who will equip you with the practical and theoretical knowledge to pursue an advanced career in sport management.

Students who are admitted to the executive MA in Sport Management program will have completed and submitted a successful application that has gone through the competitive admission process. Students will then complete 30 (non-thesis) graduate credit hours scheduled across a 20-month period. While progressing through the degree students will be exposed to a variety of subjects pertinent to sport management through an engaging and interactive online classroom environment. For course list and progression outline, see 3 below. 041b061a72


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