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Waylon Allen

Demolition Company Hamburg Mod: A Guide for Beginners

take a seat at the controls of a variety of authentic and detailed construction and demolition machines. bring old buildings to the ground with wrecking balls and excavators. tear down walls manually with the jackhammer, or place explosive charges, hit the button and watch the rubble and dust clouds fly! use the wheel loader to transport rubble to the debris crusher where it gets pulverized. you can invest you hard-earned money in new vehicles which in turn unlock new assignments in the city and tutorials in your company's practice area.

Demolition company hamburg mod


if you like to play demolition company with a friend, you can do so in our social network. in the game menu, you'll find a list of all players playing the game. you can join them and play together through the browser. on the developer's side, you can use the online games console, create your own games and invite your friends to play with you. alternatively, you can also join a few games in progress.

for the beginner there are three quick access mod- and tutorial sections. they are found on the left side of the game-screen and a button is always available in the top bar to teleport to the previous mod or tutorial. once you've mastered the basics, you can practice the new features and rebuild your imagination.

if you're a hardcore player, it is worth investing your hard earned money in one of the new vehicles. purchasing vehicles not only makes it possible to conquer more missions, but also to win more trophies. furthermore, you get access to more of the advanced features and to new challenges. all cars offer their own perks and abilities. you can use these abilities, for example the special vehicle wheel which allows you to drive over building walls and crushing barriers in your way.


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