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Download Guardian Tales Global APK and Save the World from Invaders

I guess there is a header it looks a bit magical bytes or version. But the values in the game point to the strings in that region (Ca). I assume that the offset of the .global-metadata.dat from start to end is (158FD70) but no idea, probably you need to edit it it before dumping with il2cpp inspector, like adding magical bytes and so on. You can search this hex and do the dumping assuming its the correct one.

Tower of Fantasy is the odd man out on this list due to its focus on MMO gameplay over its gacha system. But it still has plenty of gacha mechanics that require attention while you're playing, vitality is essentially your energy meter that limits your daily progression, and your weapon builds require summoning on the gacha banners for Simulacrums and upgrades. Tower of Fantasy is a jack-of-all-trades game that will offer plenty to do while immersing yourself in a fully explorable map where you can team up with friends. MMORPGs and gacha games often don't go hand-in-hand since the combo quickly exploits the pay-to-win factor. Still, at least Tower of Fantasy has content to offer outside of its competitive game modes that extends some generosity when using the gacha system; such in the case that the free-to-play Gold Nuclei used to earn permanent banner characters are still relevant at higher constellations in the global version.

guardian tales global apk

Kakao Games has officially global released Guardian Tales. It is a mobile adventure RPG game filled with challenging puzzles, nostalgic pixel game designs, and amusing storyline. With its uniquely fun gameplay, Guardian Tales has gotten enormous loving feedback from its launch in Korea recently and has also received plenty of respondents during global pre-registration.

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Guardian Tales is kakaogames,gdts,role,playing,guardian,tales, content rating is Low Maturity (PEGI-12). This app is rated 4.54 by 39 users who are using this app. To know more about the company/developer, visit Kakao Games Corp. website who developed it. com.kakaogames.gdts.apk apps can be downloaded and installed on Android 5.0 and higher Android devices. The Latest Version of 2.36.2 Available for download. Download the app using your favorite browser and click Install to install the application. Please note that we provide both basic and pure APK files and faster download speeds than APK Mirror. This app APK has been downloaded 38010+ times on store. You can also download com.kakaogames.gdts APK and run it with the popular Android Emulators.

Guardian Tales is an action role-playing gacha mobile game created by American-Korean studio Kong Studios and published by Kakao Games (Global and Korea), bilibili (China), and Kong Studios themselves with assistance from Yostar (Japan). It serves as both the canonical sequel and spiritual successor to their previous game Dungeon Link, a puzzle-style mobile game launched in 2015 and shut down in 2019 published by GAMEVILnote Now COM2US Holdings. It was initially soft-launched in Southeast Asia on February 24, 2020, before its official global and Korean release on July 28 of the same year. The Chinese version followed on April 27, 2021, and a Japanese version was released on October 6 of the same year, with redone art from multiple illustrators and new/re-recorded Japanese voice acting. A port on the Nintendo Switch, with Kong Studios self-publishing again, would later release on October 3, 2022, 2 years after global launch and a year after CN and JP.

  • Tropes featured in Guardian Tales include: open/close all folders A-B A Taste of Power: The last stage of a side-story switches your character to that particular plot's Unique character wielding their exclusive weapon, letting you "test drive" them for a bit. Later on, an update gives players the ability to "try out" the featured unit in their banner before deciding to pull.

  • Absurdly High Level Cap: Due to the live-service nature of the game, the level cap grows with each story update, in addition to 5 bonus levels when limit-breaking units. Currently, it's capped to Level 87 once the player reaches World 16, which can be increased to 92 at max limit break.

  • Achievement System: The game rewards you whenever you clear the achievements, which are easily tracked below the main screens.

  • Action Girl: The vast majority of recruitable characters are women.

  • A Day in the Limelight: The purpose of both side and short stories is to give the spotlight to certain characters as they become either the Knight's confidant at the time or the leading character for a while.

  • Advanced Ancient Humans: Around Tetis are ruins and artifacts of an ancient civilization with highly advanced technology. Much of the ruins resemble modern, real-world human buildings and machinery, but some hold much more futuristic technology. The nations of Tetis have varying degrees of access to these relics based on location, partially explaining why modern Tetis technology seems so wildly inconsistent.

  • Advancing Wall of Doom: Every co-op stage has zone slowly flood with a black mass of SOMETHING that rapidly drains health should it catch the party.

  • After the End: Recordings and other Easter eggs reveal that the story is on a planet settled by the descendants of humanity that had fled Earth after it was infested with the deadly Labose bacteria thousands of years before.

  • Affectionate Parody: Of classic RPGs in general. The tagline says it all. This also applies to whatever pop culture reference it has in its storylines.

  • A.I. Breaker: It's possible to break the AI of world 7's Chest Monster by picking up a fire pit from earlier in the level and throwing it at the idle mini-boss. The Bonus Boss of world 11 has it even worse: You can build a small fort from the pushable blocks in the same room, and since the enemy only uses projectiles that bounce off objects and you have an invincible Guest-Star Party Member ...

  • All in a Row: Reminiscent of classic RPGs, the units you don't control will always follow your lead unit around in a row until you encounter an enemy.

  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: As of the end of Chapter 15, Heavenhold, and at least four of the Champions, have been commandeered by the Invader's First Corps Commander, former-Queen of Kanterbury, Camilla.

  • Alternate Universe: What the world you currently are in might be one, as the existence of Earth is shown in the video logs at the inn.

  • Alternative Calendar: The game renders its dates with the year A.H. (After Hero), counting the years passed after Kaden's adventures over the course of Dungeon Link.

  • Amazing Technicolor Battlefield: Credit goes to Beth's final boss fight in Season 1 being set in another plane, even if it lacks the whole "technicolor" shebang.

  • Amazon Brigade: With how infrequent playable male characters are released, the game's roster can practically be considered this as an enforcement of Improbably Female Cast.

  • Ambiguously Evil: Aside from the shady innkeeper Loraine who's canonically part of the main cast, some of the recruitable units, particularly of the Dark element, are rather dubious in how evil they can be. Special mentions to Arabelle and Lupina, to name a few.

  • Ambiguously Gay: Female characters are treated the same by the Succubi as the male characters. In the Succubus Town level, some Succubi will put you through Dream Therapy, and in your dream, they go on a date with you. Therefore, every female character theoretically goes on a dream date with the all female Succubi. Justified in a meta sense as the story mode's script believes that you are the male Knight, and the game does not acknowledge which character you are actually playing as. In Worlds 12-13, the Knight can suggestively imply that they are the ex-lover of Beth, and in World 14, can repeatedly declare their intent to make Priscilla their wife and thus become Claude's in-law. This dialogue is completely unchanged even if you're playing as the Female Knight.

  • Ambiguously Bi: Because of the above case, every female character canonically shown with a romantic interest in men is this trope.

  • American Kirby Is Hardcore: Downplayed and inverted, while not really that "hardcore" the Japanese release, and the optional per-character artwork switching introduced around the same time for the global versions, has almost all the characters drawn as bonafide moe-blobs, even making the male knight even prettier than he was.

  • An Adventurer Is You: Despite the main character's title being The Knight, it's the only class that allows the use of different weapons depending on your choice.

  • Ancient Conspiracy: Information regarding the truth of the Knight's heroic prophecy and the reason for the world itself being stuck in a wide-scale time loop are being withheld by an unknown group much more powerful than the Invaders and a Knight in full power, according to statements from both the Savior and the Other Knight.

  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: The rewards for clearing each world and some stages reward the user with a costume that can be equipped to a specific 2-star or 3-star character.

  • Another Dimension: The Demon World exists in a separate plane far from the human world, with their own set of progress and turmoils.

  • Anti-Frustration Features: You only need to spend stamina on any given story or challenge stage once to unlock it. This way, you can keep coming back to challenge a roadblock whenever you get a power bump without having to constantly spend coffee, or if you go in with a unit composition that cannot clear a challenge stage. A lot of stages have barriers you can lower as you progress, making navigation back through the stage much quicker if you wipe to a battle late in the stage or are just trying to collect any remaining pickups.

  • Once you gain a new rank in the Arena, you cannot demote below it even if you run into a bunch of overwhelming opponents after since Arena's matchmaking is entirely random.

  • After reaching a high enough guardian level and clear a rift stage with three stars on full auto, you gain the option of autoclearing the stage. This lets you quickly do your daily awakening dungeons and get your coffee spent farming whatever resources needed so you can move on to other content.

  • Once you've reached the final boss of a chapter, whenever you get a game over fighting it, you start at the beginning of the boss fight instead of the stage should you chose not to use a revive. When fighting Beth at the end of Season 1, you instead start at the furthest phase of the boss fight that you reached. This also applies to Demon God Belial in Season 2.

  • Repeatedly failed at getting the character and weapon you wanted? With each pull, you are given a mileage ticket, which is spark currency. Gather 300 of them, and you can redeem any character or weapon you want at any time, except collaboration characters, as they need 200 of the more limited Collaboration mileage tickets that expire when the collab event ends.

  • Anti Poop-Socking: As with other gacha games, the game has a stamina system (called Coffee) in which 1 Coffee is restored every 10 minutes, with a hard cap of 76 Coffee as of the latest updates. Initially, this was fully enforced and was a major gripe for many players, particularly because the lowest amount of coffee needed for a mission was 10. It would later be alleviated by the fact that the game would now give free 50 coffee at 12nn and 7pm per day.

  • Arbitrary Equipment Restriction: Heroes are usually restricted to only one weapon type upon release: One-handed Swords (usually paired with a Shield), Two-handed Swords, Staffs, Rifles, Bows, Baskets, Claws, and Gauntlets. There are exceptions like the Knight themselves, and as of late, this has begun to be averted with the introduction of alternative Exclusive Weapons, letting certain heroes gain access to weapon types they were initially locked out of.

  • Art-Style Dissonance: The game's reliance on pantomimed expressions during cutscenes makes it jarring when the story is faced with dark scenarios involving death and cruelty.

  • Artificial Stupidity: The auto AI does a decent enough job of avoiding some boss attacks, but they'll sit there and take other attacks, especially since computer-controlled characters can't run. Cursed Towers in particular are NOTORIOUS for allies standing on the attack indicator right until the laser fires and kills them. Some characters' AI also fishes way too hard for optimal damage or healing at times and will happily throw themselves in the line of fire to do so.

  • Ascended Meme: The Knight with a gatling gun, an enemy type notorious for ruining player's lives in Kama-ZONE and the Orbital Lift, becomes its own Unique character in the form of the Future Knight with her exclusive weapon. Another would be the addition of an idol-themed costume for Marvin during April Fool's 2022, acknowledging the various fan creations of Marvin wearing Idol Eva's costume throughout all parts of the Guardian Tales fanbase.

  • Attack Animal: The game features many humanoid animals, but special mention to the White Beast and Kang, who look like a normal wolf and tiger cub, respectively.

  • Badass Adorable: Applies to the younger-looking heroes of the roster, like Noxia, AA72, and White Beast (in his present puppy form at least).

  • Badass Boast: Each obtainable hero has their own, which you can hear during battle or through their profile.

  • Beach Episode: The short story When You Wish Upon a Star is a long-awaited summer story with the summer units, two of them being released a year before said story, taking leading roles, set on a peaceful beach spot called Starlight Beach.

  • Beef Gate: World 10 lets you progress all three screens before forcing you to fight a boss three levels above your standard level cap with only your lead unit. The good news is that you've just unlocked the last piece of content geared toward character improvement, so if you can't clear the fight you can at least get your characters prepared.

  • Bittersweet Ending: In the ending of Season 1, you either travel back to your past leaving the future which can't be altered, or stay in the future and leave your Little Princess behind. Both can be thankfully chosen again if you decide to re-enter the level to try and get the other ending, but later chapters reveal the first option to be the canonical end. World 13's can potentially be this if you weren't able to save some of the survivors by the time you fight and win against the Other Knight.

  • Bleached Underpants: Observed more in the JP redesigns, as any freelance artists that did work on the game are actually credited. Some of these are artists that specialize in either ecchi art or straight-out R-18 art.

  • Body Horror: Two cases: Beth grotesquely transforming into her One-Winged Angel form in the transition to her final boss battle's second phase in World 11, and Priscilla's body being forcefully transformed by Demon God Belial in order to fight against the Knight and Claude in World 14's climax boss fight.

  • Boss-Arena Idiocy: Winning the fight against old Erina fairly requires the player to train to level 70, in order to survive her one-hit kill attacks...Unless the player takes advantage of the four torches in the arena, which blocks her melee attacks, but not yours. This allows lower-leveled players to hide behind a torch and spam her to death.

  • Boss Subtitles: Sometimes the description of the character you're fighting, sometimes the funny phrase you need in the middle of a not-funny situation.

  • Boss Rush: What World 11's 5th stage is.

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