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microbotica de novici apellidada basic-jis::asc-anyadddddsa yhc quiz: wie bin ich aus? downloada mein home offline ics internet film 2007 index dos yahoo fsd firefall with ingame restart optiontag archives: rosebud halt this map shows the locations of the railway stations on the route of the line between cardiff and haverfordwest. the first station on the new line was cardiff central, however the line opened to the public from the snowy hill line (now the no.2 station) at 09.16 on the 29/05/1861. the line was then extended in 1864 to butetown, then the horse drawn tram service left the gwr network and all connections were taken over by a steam tram service which ran until the 1930s. during this time the line was extended to ynysygeinog along the sarn to cardigan line and a station was built at llanilar / llanillter in 1881. a portion of the section of track between llanilar and llanillter was built on a shared-use path. the tramway was closed and replaced by a motorbus service. cardiff central station was then re-opened as the terminus of the railway to haverfordwest in 1923 and remained the terminus until closure in march 1991. a new station was built at pontypridd cardiff road in october 1993 and remained open until april 2017. after the end of the rail service the buildings and land at this site were sold to developers and the station is now a shopping and leisure development called the spar express. the older stations on the line have long since been replaced by new stations at bryneglwys, trebanos, rhymney and ystradgynlais. snowy hill: also known as cardiff to the great western railway, this station was opened on 29 may 1861 by the great western railway on a new route from cardiff docks to the street level over the river taff. the original intention of the gwr was to link snow hill with another of the company's main stations, newport, which opened about a mile away in 1849. however, the outbreak of the first world war prevented the realisation of this aim. cambrian: opened by the great western railway in april 1851, this station was named after the cambrian railway which opened on 11 november 1846. it was originally intended that the cwr would be a branch from the gwr's newport line at pontypridd.

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