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Download Real Football 2012 for Nokia and Replay the Game You Just Watched on TV

Since mid April 2008, has been drawingfootball fans in their droves. The free online game was developedby Greentube AG, the leading provider of free 3D download games andcreator of Ski Challenge. Since its international launch, almostone million football enthusiasts have downloaded Football Challenge08, created their own teams and contested around ten millionvirtual football matches. As a result of partnerships with eightmedia companies, gamers from seven European countries have taken tothe online pitch. Involved in the game are ORF (Austria), SF(Switzerland), (Germany), Inform Media (Hungary),Zurnal24

With Football Challenge 08 football fans from multiple countrieshave the possibility to play against each other in real time on theInternet, or test themselves offline against the artificialintelligence of the computer. As soon as the download is complete,every gamer can create an entirely unique team, with its own kit.Even the individual players can be edited, with the

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In some countries--like Britain, Italy and Cyprus--there are more cell-phone subscriptions than there are people. And observers say the age of television in our pockets has just begun. Already our cell phones are becoming portable TiVos. On Vodafone, Britons can watch two-minute highlight reels as soon as five minutes after an English Premiership football match ends. In France, Orange users download a million video clips a month and have streaming-video choices ranging from the National Geographic Channel to the Black music channel. Britain's O2, a cell-phone service provider, has drawn content from Nokia Shorts, one of a spate of ultra-short-film contests and festivals consisting of films made for or by cell phone.

NAVIGON can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. Three versions are available, one for Australia ($46.99), Europe ($69.99) and the US ($29.99). If NAVIGON isn't really for you, there are many other turn-by-turn clients, including the likes of Navigation.

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