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[S3E1] My Big Fat Indian Wedding

The upcoming episode titled 'My Big Fat Indian Wedding' will feature Vishal and Richa finally tying the knot after getting engaged not once or twice, but thrice! Keeping in tune with the theme of a big fat Indian wedding, the couple zeroed in on a three-day Bollywood-themed wedding in Mexico. While all of Vishal's close friends are present for his big day, his best friend Anisha is nowhere to be seen. While we will have to wait until the episode airs to learn more about Anisha's mysterious absence, thankfully, Vishal's other bestie Amrit is more than happy to make his presence felt at the wedding. After getting engaged to his longtime boyfriend Nicholas, Amrit is all eyes and ears to get ideas on what they should and shouldn't do for their own wedding.

[S3E1] My Big Fat Indian Wedding

In the meanwhile, the resident playboy of the group aka Brian decides to use Vishal and Richa's wedding as his perfect hunting ground to find himself a new lady owing to his newly single status. We can't wait to watch the drama that Richa's mother Lopa Aunty will bring to the table alongside the never-ending tension between Brian and Monica.

During their pre-wedding celebrations, Richa's mom didn't let a chance slip when it came to expressing her dislike for Vishal. This didn't sit well with fans, who claimed that it was insane to witness Lopa talking badly about her daughter's partner.

At the start of the episode, Richa's mother shared that she was going to go with the flow, but didn't seem to be fully onboard with her daughter marrying Vishal. In the evening, the family commenced with their pre-wedding festivities. While the other parents all got together and performed a group dance, Richa's mother tried to outshine them all by performing a solo dance.

With Amrit and Nicholas's wedding only days away, the Kapais prepare to meet Nicholas's parents for the first time; Monica faces the reality of her rocky relationship; Bali is shocked by her parent's proposition.

At one point, as she was trying to express her stress and confusion, he told her to "stop playing games" and eventually wore her down enough to tell him that if their wedding were that day, she'd say "no."

Nancy's family eventually interrupted the former couple again and Erendira passionately and angrily told Nancy that Bartise was "not ready" to "receive" her. Steve also wondered out loud why Bartise went through with the wedding just to say no. 041b061a72


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