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Audio Digest Best Buy Gift Card

With CMEinfo Insider, you can choose a $1,000, $1,500, or $3,200 Amazon gift card with your purchase of this CME activity. The size of the gift card, unsurprisingly, depends on the length of your subscription.

audio digest best buy gift card

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This one is a bonus entry because while you don't get a gift card with your order, I'd say you arguably get something better. A free iPad pre-loaded with one of the most useful medical apps you'll ever use. VisualDx with DermExpert is a must-have for all general practice clinicians who treat patients with skin.

In addition to the ability to earn literally (yes, I'm using that word correctly) unlimited CME credits, Practical Reviews offers a free $500 Amazon gift card and can be accessed in a convenient mobile app, on your desktop, or on your tablet.

I recently visited their homepage to see if there was anything new for me to add here. I should note that I had a slightly harder time finding the CME with gift card options. This might be related to a website redesign or my upwardly redesigned age.

Knowledge to Practice (K2P) offers one of the newer CME with gift card bundles I'm aware of. I don't recall seeing this offer in previous years, and don't have any personal experience with the company.

However, their website offers CME in internal medicine and cardiology, as well as board review in both specialties. The $3,000 CME with gift card offer is set to expire on October 31, 2022, but there are other products that offer gift cards of $400 to $1,000 that appear to be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

This MRI Online CME with gift card bundle is also new to me this year. However, their website is pretty robust and seems to offer many genuinely useful radiology CME modules. According to the website, you can choose from mastery video series, case challenges, expert case reviews, and even submit your own cases as part of their virtual fellowship. Purchasing a membership or CME bundle will get you access to all modalities of CME, so you can learn the way you want to.

The unique feature I've noticed on this site is the ability to combine all three gift card offers on one purchase, adding up to a total of $3,500. I didn't go through with the purchase, so I'm not sure if the payment processor would block that, but I was able to add all 3 to my cart.

If you are wondering if NeuroQuestions, OphthoQuestions, and DermQbank are all related, I'd say you are onto something. Like the options above, DermQBank has non-gift card options for CME, as well as a CME gift card bundle. It awards up to 25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits, has 150 questions, and covers general dermatology, dermatopathology, surgical dermatology, and pediatric dermatology.

Audio Digest recently added the Clinical Compendium to its product line. This CME gift card offer contains important and accredited lectures in your specialty, as well as additional lectures similar to physicians and healthcare professionals, have found helpful. This CME product line also comes with a complimentary $500-1000 gift card depending on which membership level you sign up for.

Listening to audio recordings may be ideal for long commutes and road trips, but lacks the stickiness of interactive content. When reviewing for an exam or just assessing your knowledge, practice questions are the best way to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the topic. At the end of the day, everyone has their own preference when it comes to the way they earn CME credits.

Gift cards are one of the most popular holiday purchases and remain in demand year round. A recent survey reported that 83% of consumers intend to purchase a gift card this holiday season. 51% anticipate spending between $50 and $100 on gift cards, while 24% say they will likely spend between $500 and $5,000.

Unfortunately, fraudsters like gift cards too. There are a variety of schemes they can employ to take advantage of the fact that gift cards have few of the security features that modern credit cards do. Many of these schemes will result in chargebacks, with the merchant left holding the bag. But there are ways for merchants to protect themselves and reduce their revenue losses.

hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(2062618, 'a74dc1cc-c3fd-46f3-b409-cac15b84959a', "useNewLoader":"true","region":"na1"); According to a market research report released in March, the US gift card market is estimated to be $162 billion. Other reports have estimated the global market to be as high as $778 billion.

It makes sense that merchants would want to offer gift cards. Customers want them, they increase sales, and they can be a good marketing tool. That doesn't mean that gift cards are all upside, however.

The rapid rise in e-commerce due to COVID-19 brought with it a rise in purchases of online gift cards. More people than ever were suddenly looking for an easy way to send a gift to friends and family they might not see in person, and delays throughout the US postal system made many people wary of purchase gifts that would have to be shipped.

At the same time, the security of credit card payments has been increasing. More merchants than ever are using fraud prevention tools like AVS and risk scoring to prevent credit card fraud. Unfortunately, these tools often rely on customer information that isn't available for a gift card.

For example, AVS attempts to verify the customer's identity by asking them for their billing address. Unless you require everyone who purchases a gift card to enter the billing address of the person who will receive it, information they might not even know, AVS can't be used to authenticate a gift card transaction.

There are two types of gift cards: open-loop gift cards that can be used with any merchant, such as those from Visa or Mastercard, and closed-loop gift cards tied to a single merchant. Most of the information here will apply to both.

If a customer ever wants to return a product and asks to have it refunded to a gift card, watch out. It could be part of a scheme to extract untraceable funds from a stolen credit card. Here's how it works:

This method of fraud can be easier to get away with during the holidays, as customers returning gifts might have a legitimate reason to request their refund be put on a gift card rather than returned to the original method of payment.

Fraudsters can virtually print money for themselves by hacking into a company gift card database to steal card numbers and activation codes. This can be done via brute force hacking methods, malware, or using phishing or social engineering attacks against company employees. These last two methods are by far the most common.

Merchants who manage their own gift card data must make sure robust information security technology is in place to defend it against hackers and should track gift card numbers and their usage carefully to look out for suspicious activity.

Fraudsters simply use stolen credit card numbers to buy gift cards online and use or resell them before the merchant gets hit with the inevitable chargeback. This is one of the easiest ways for a fraudster in possession of stolen payment credentials to make a quick profit.

A more reliable way for fraudsters to wring actual cash out of a stolen account is to buy mass quantities of gift cards, which can be used immediately. Most merchants would benefit from putting a system in place to automatically flag large or repeated gift card purchases for review.

Because gift cards are a common target for fraudsters, merchants may choose to require additional authentication steps for gift card purchases. It's also wise to block or require additional authentication for purchases over a certain amount or when multiple gift cards are purchased with the same payment card or from the same IP address.

In order to obtain additional customer information, merchants could choose to require the recipient of a gift card to create an account before using it. While many merchants avoid implementing this requirement more broadly over fears of cart abandonment, that's not an issue with closed-loop gift cards.

Merchants should have a way to tie a chargeback on a gift card purchase to the individual gift card number and either block or void the balance on the card. Note that while this is usually permitted as long as the original purchaser of the gift card has been refunded, laws regarding gift cards vary by jurisdiction.

If you're struggling to prevent gift card fraud or any other chargeback issue, you may want to look into hiring a chargeback management firm. They can help you set up the appropriate anti-fraud measures for your business, as well as prevent and fight chargebacks in general.

Best Buy has hundreds of deals for Cyber Monday, and some of the best deals are on large appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, and more. Many of the top brands are on sale, and some of the deals feature giveaways such as gift cards. Brands such as Samsung, LG, and KitchenAid are on sale today and throughout Cyber Week. With any purchase of select brands, you can earn up to $600 in Best Buy gift cards depending on the amount you spend. See below for a list of featured appliances and specials.Free $200 Gift Card with Purchase of 2 or More Select Samsung Appliances

This offer is good when you purchase $2,499 or more worth of Samsung appliances from Best Buy. Eligible products are refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, over-the-range microwaves, cooktops, wall ovens, ventilation hoods, washers, and dryers. Products must be purchased in the same transaction to qualify for the gift card. You must add the appliances you want to your cart and then add the $200 Best Buy gift card to your cart as well. The cost of the gift card will be removed from your total during check out.Save 10% on 4 or more LG kitchen appliances. Plus, save an extra $410 with select LG appliances.

There are three plans for the Oakstone CMEinfo Insider program, including one-, two- and three-year memberships. For each plan, you can choose to either purchase the membership at full price and receive a hefty Amazon gift card to go with it, or get a steep discount. 041b061a72


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