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Waylon Allen
Waylon Allen

Imperium Galactica 2 Patch 1.16 11 [PATCHED]

features: campaign save the day in single player or for two players in online multiplayer up to four players. featuring ten new dogfighter skins for the imperial starfighter. embark on an epic journey in a richly detailed universe. build the most powerful navy in history and crush your foes on the battlefield. an unmatched universe offers endless gameplay possibilities. multiplayer invade and colonize the map of your opponents in online multiplayer. features a range of options to setup, customize and customize the multiplayer experience. four campaigns.four playable species.construct massive empires as your chosen imperium builds their new fleet.share your secrets, impress and equip the best starships and research new technologies.with the new release of galactica universal loader 1.0.3, a brand new save game system is in place to improve the user interface and overall gameplay. it will take some time to familiarize the system with all the features, so please bear with us!

Imperium galactica 2 patch 1.16 11


playable campaigns including the conquest of planets and slave trade. naval battles against the most powerful enemies. co-operative multiplayer battles up to four players to compete for the galaxy. wreak havoc in online competitive or free-for-all multiplayer. the choice is yours. the new galactic loader features a brand new interface that will allow our player base to be more involved in the game as well as the fast-to-learn new galaxy map creator and the fleet crafting tool. galactic loader also allows the players to change the gravity and fps speed, two of the most important factor in the game engine. don't worry, we never dropped any of the previously supported settings. galactic loader is fully compatible with the existing galactica universal save game system.


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