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Other Apex Hacks

The principles, if you're already familiar with other battle royales, are the same: a large number of players (in this case 60 total) drop into a set map and loot themselves equipment and weapons from the environment around them in a free-for-all, with a play area contracting over several intervals as the game progresses.

Other Apex Hacks


7. The indicator on the middle-left of your HUD shows when the next 'phase' is coming - in other words, when the circle is going to close in next and force you to the next safe area (marked in faded white on your mini-map and map).

10. You drop from the ship at the start in a fixed formation, following the 'Jumpmaster', but you can suggest and veto other suggestions with the Ping system as you go - you can also break off and go your own way by holding the button as prompted on your UI, if you like, but we recommend sticking with your squad!

13. Use doors to climb even higher - old-school PUBG players will recognise this one. Open a door and wall-climb onto the top of that, and then from there wall-climb further up the wall to reach otherwise inaccessible ledges and roofs of those mid-height buildings. Great way to surprise people.

15. Footsteps, ziplines, flying and landing are all very quiet - you can land behind people (after, say, using a redeploy balloon...) regularly and almost always surprise them in doing so. It seems it's so possible because audio cues are far, far quieter in Apex Legends than other battle royales, at least in our early time with it so far. Surprise-redeploys are an amazing way to ambush campers!

23. Perfect the battle royale wiggle - another classic from the old-school PUBG era: learn to 'wiggle' when looting or staying still for any period of any length. Wiggle the analog stick / A and D keys left and right rapidly to always keep moving slightly, even (and especially) while looting other players' death boxes or supply drops. It makes you harder to hit and reinforces the idea that you always need to be on the move. It's likely a deliberate design decision that you can't do this whilst returning a player's beacon to a respawn point.

Combat in Apex Legends is fast, complex, and frankly a little intimidating if you've been merrily pootling along in other slower battle royales luck us recently - but that razor-sharp speed absolutely fantastic once you get into it. Here's our advice.

24. Combat in Apex Legends is all about teamwork - stay close to each other communicate clearly and with good pings (hold the ping button to access a dial with a choice of them for specific circumstances) and generally think about how three of you can tackle a situation, rather than one!

25. Remember to use your Tactical ability (L1/LB/Q) regularly - it's a simple one but still easy to forget. Even Bangalore's smoke grenade can be an absolute game-changer when used well - try firing it at specific enemies when you're outnumbered, for instance, to let you focus on another one first then get to them. A little more on these in our Apex Legends characters, abilites and classes guide!

29. On the other hand, in very specific cases they work to your benefit - you get a free, full shield recharge, but only if you're equipped with a Legendary-tier Shield. Thanks to Gwarh on reddit for that great tip.

33. Like in most battle royales, players are first 'downed', or 'knocked', where they're on all fours, and then they can either be individually killed or are all killed when the last squadmember goes down - there's another distinct sound cue when you down players, and a voice line when a squad is wiped.

37. Beware that grenades need to be equipped with one button press, and thrown with another - they're a little clunky, at least for now, so try to plan using them in advance rather than using them as a panic option, as you'll often be left fumbling!

43. Armour (otherwise known as Shields) and Helmets are always picked up at full shield, at least from our experience so far - so if you killed an enemy their death box will contain their armour at full health. It saves you worrying about which damaged helmet is less damaged than the other, like in PUBG.

Finally, because Respawn have put in just so many little quality of life features and neat touches, here's a collection of other things worth knowing that don't really fit into a specific category. Enjoy!

Coming up against cheaters is incredibly frustrating in a game like Apex. Those who use hacks, aimbots, and other cheats alter the level playing field, which Respawn has worked so hard to create, and cause immense annoyance to those who wish to play a fair game. It makes sense, therefore, that the game's developers would focus on ridding the game of hackers and cheaters. However they are doing this, it appears that their efforts are paying off, as cheaters have taken to online forums to complain about it.

Reddit user terere posted a screenshot from a hackers forum full of people complaining about being banned for cheating. Not only are they upset about being banned, they are complaining because every new account they create gets almost immediately hit with another ban.

Further screenshots show other players talking about workarounds to the ban. It appears even these are temporary, with many only managing a few hours of play time at most, before they get hit once more with the ban hammer. 041b061a72


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