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Trikker Activation

Trigger code activations are primarily meant to be used for phone activations when no Internet connectivity is available. If Internet connectivity is available to you and your customer, even if only though a secondary device, we strongly recommend you use the manual activation request. If you are using SOLO Server to issue License IDs, this trigger code activation process should be done through SOLO Server to take advantage of its database and electronic license management (ELM) features.

Trikker Activation

Review the information on using trigger codes for telephone activation for high-level details on how this process works. For more information on how to add support for trigger codes into your application, please view the manual topics for trigger codes with PLUSManaged or trigger codes with PLUSNative.

Any challenge-response mechanisms such as trigger code validation can be reverse engineered (similar to how "key generators" are available on the Internet for many popular software applications). Therefore, it is best to use Protection PLUS 5 SDK's standard online and manual activation features when possible, which offer much stronger security than trigger codes.

The following instructions use the PLUSManagedGui self-signed sample, but the process is similar in other PLUSManaged samples. This process will also be very similar if you implement your own dialogs rather than using PLUSManagedGui. These steps will show both what your customer and you need to do to complete a manual activation with trigger codes.

When the customer launches the application, PLUSManagedGui will show that no license file is found, and that an activation must take place. The customer will need to chose "Manually exchange activation codes" and click Next.

In all of our samples, the Trigger Code Seed default value is 400 and the RegKey2 Seed default value 123. These are set in the LicenseConfiguration class (in the Encryption Settings region), and you will want to configure these to your own values for your protected application(s). These must match the seed used in the license manger dialog for the activation to be successful.

Vous pouvez également acheter une licence de Trikker en tant que particulier. Dans ce cas nous vous demandons d'effectuer le paiement à l'avance. Vous remplissez le bon de commande et nous vous enverrons par e-mail les détails pour le paiement. Après réception et traitement du paiement, vous recevrez votre fichier d'activation et de licence illimité dans le temps.

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