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Delete Unauthorized Facebook Account ##TOP##

Your Facebook account was recently logged into from a computer, mobile device or other location you've never used before. We have reviewed your account activity, and we get information about possible unauthorized access to your Facebook. We have provided a warning to you via email, but you do not respond to our notification.

delete unauthorized facebook account


I like to periodically go through my Facebook account and delete everything that's older than a couple of years. The reason -- I just don't think it's necessary to keep a running record of the stupid stuff I say in passing on social media, and it seems like more of a liability than a tool I'll one day use to reminisce. In performing these purges, I've found that Facebook makes it (unnecessarily) complicated to find and delete older data from your profile. So here's a handy guide on how to delete everything from Facebook.

Deleting your Facebook will delete all of your account information and remove your ability to log in to the service. No photos, friends, messages, status updates, etc. According to Facebook, once your account permanently deletes, there is no way to restore your account or your data. With that in mind, please move forward reading all large and fine print.

Hi steve, i delete my facebook account my 14 days grace period is going it going to finished on january 25th. after the complete deletion can i get the username for new account. because i am drop to time line i hate that that is why i delete my account and i want the same username so please let me know that all way to get back my facebook username.thanks

If someone else maliciously deleted your account, or you change your mind, you can recover. Also, do you think that they don't have redundancy on their systems to avoid data loss? There are valid reasons to build a system such that bulk deletes happen on a staggered basis and not on demand.

I do agree with you tho regarding bulk deletes of accounts. With 300+ million accounts, depending on how many accounts are deleted (I'm going to guess not many since it's so hard to find the delete link) that's probably something you want to batch delete.

I actually deleted my account with above mentioned method couple of months ago. Then waited patiently for 2 weeks.During those 2 weeks I got more then average requests/newsletters from facebook in my mail as compared to earlier.However, my account got deleted after 2 weeks. I verified this by trying to log in with original email/password and it refused to let me in.

I have tried to delete Facebook for ever and a day, the more i try, the more it keeps me busy trying to get read of it. Dose that make sence? I hate facebook to where i never want in my life again. Please can you help

they seem to have made it a little easier to find the link to delete the account. i cant tell you where it is now, because if i go back there to try to find it again, my account will be reactivated. but i remember not having too much trouble finding it.

Tip: Of course there are usually issues with application sites, forms, and web browsers. The Facebook form submit button did not work with Firefox 3.6, but did successfully submit with IE8. (I just deleted an account and had to go thru IE in this case).

Pietro I think your suggestion should be followed by everyone who wants to delete his or her profile on facebook. Combining your insight with the link posted by pk below, I would say STEP ONE is to complete bugger your account, delete photos and untag photos and revise the demographic info, change your name if it lets you. THEN after a month or two to give google and other search engines a chance to forget the old fb data STEP TWO is to delete the account. This strikes me as something similar to a naval crew scuttling the ship before surrendering.

Might want to add an update: If you log into any of the services during that 14 day waiting period, you account will not be deleted. So if you have an IM client configured for FaceBook Chat, like Pidgin or Adium, that will reactivate your account.

Now in regards to my personal privacy, my account at facebook is 100% anonymous. You can find me there at The only reason I have an account on facebook is to drive traffic to my site and to administer my page groovyPost. Being that they have 350+ million users, I think it would be silly for me to ignore this userbase.

If you find the account has not been deleted after the obligatory two weeks wait, follow the recommendations of other posters here at Groovypost; delete as much info as possible, change the login/password, then follow the account deletion steps.

I keep seeing many forum posts from people not knowing how to delete their facebook account; only deactivating. And many of them are complaining about deactivating/deleting the account only to find they are reactivated in a short time. Probably has to do with using facebook credentials to log into other connected sites.

So I ask, if you see a post or hear a friend/person talking about the problem of deleting their facebook account, provide them with the address to this page; or at least help them with deleting their account.

I just deleted my facebook account cause of old comments i wrote that i dont want people to see, i know i know i should have just deleted them but the wall stories were too long! I was wondering since i deleted it will all the wall posts, picture comments, emails i made be permanently deleted?

Thank you very much for showing me how to delete my account. It has been approximately 4 months since I last logged in after COMPLETELY removing my account. At the time having facebook was just too much of a distraction and hassle for the particular work rate I was at, and I really should have temporality deactivated it. Instead I referenced from here and thought I would be better off without facebook completely, and permanately removed my account. Now I really regret this, and with free time and friends to catch up with living far away, facebook could be quite useful. I was just wondering if anyone knew how I could possibly bring back a permanetly removed account, and if so would they be nice enough to tell me : ) ?

If I want to reuse the username I used on an account I permanently deleted on another account, do I have to wait 14 days after request to delete account was made? Is it still possible to reuse username?

Yes, you can re-use usernames and passwords on facebook. You do however need to follow the steps above to deactivate and delete your account then wait the 14 days for the actual delete to take effect. Once that happens you should be able to re-use everything.

I had to read two to three articles before I found a link to permanently delete my account and this is the one of those articles i consulted. Even if I want to communicate with my best friend its not worth having this account to do so he has all my contact info already.

Using the instructions provided above, I successfully deleted my FaceBook account. The information provided in this forum is sufficient to accomplish that task. Thanks to groovyPost and its FaceBook gurus for helping me do this!

Getting an email to a human at facebook support is a VERY problematic task. For what is worth, worked for me back in June. Yes, believe it or not I actually got a meaningful reply from this email address! That was the key to deleting my account, in that it gave me the correct username/pword/email combo to begin the very precise steps outlined in this marvelous article.

i have 3 facebook accounts one i use witch i want to keep my email is for that is i want to keep that one i have 2 other witch i used a mobile number for with the same pics cant get on them dont no the number or the passward i realy need to get on them i need someone to do it for me please plus wat i said at the top i want that account deleting for good now and make a new one so when i get on there wen i make a new one i will just have the one account please please thanks

It has been about a year since I deleted my Facebook account using the instructions provided here. It worked! After patiently going through the recommended process, my account was totally removed. The proof of that success at eradicating my Facebook account came when I tried to log back in, and Facebook had no idea who I was. I even tried to remind them of my identity using my email address, password, and other clues, but they had completely forgotten me. Thanks, groovyPost!

Hi man, thank you for this post it was a great way of clearing doubts. I think i got it figured it out now, but I decided to comment anyway to at least show you some gratitude.I guess I have the same kind of problem as Mr DitchFB up there somewhere. I have a band and we messed up by creating 2 different pages in the same account, one profile and one as artist, we tried to delete it all and start it over with different emails etc, but all we did was mess it up even harder, now we even got the links all wrong.

Whats more worrying is that if you decide to delete your email address after deactivating facebook and the address gets reallocated then the new owner has full control over that the account linked to that email.

Wow, never thought of it till I read this but I think I have a subconscious facebook addiction!But anyway my question, can your friends (or just people that like to bug) still message you during the 14 days it takes to permanately delete your facebook?

Just a quick question. You see i was just recently hacked and now i have no control over my gmail and facebook. I made a new email and password. So once my account gets unlocked i will be able to log in. But as who? Me or a different me? like would i log on the account that got hacked. Or would i log on to me, but none of my posts and comments and other things and friends not be saved. Well and which ever one it is how will i know that they arent going to do it again. I mean i dont want to keep getting hacked when the only thing i do on facebook is a game. not really chating with people, just the occasional pop on, check how i am doing in the game, change some things, and get off for another month or week.


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