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Sled Driver: Flying The World's Fastest Jet Fre...

Two days after being released from the hospital, Shul was back flying Air Force fighter jet aircraft. He went on to fly the A-7D, and was then selected to be a part of the first operational A-10 squadron at Myrtle Beach, SC, where he was on the first A-10 air show demonstration team. After a tour as an A-10 Instructor Pilot at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, he went on to instruct at the Air Force's Fighter Lead-In School as the Chief of Air-to-Ground Academics. As a final assignment in his career, Shul volunteered for and was selected to fly the SR-71. This assignment required an astronaut-type physical just to qualify, and Shul passed with no waivers. Shul's comeback story, from lying near dead in the jungle of Southeast Asia to later flying the world's fastest, highest flying jet, has been the subject of numerous magazine articles.[citation needed] Shul also made an Air Force safety video titled "Sierra Hotel" (with the title referring to the phonetic alphabet code for the military aviator slang expletive "Shit Hot") where he described his crash ordeal in explicit detail in order to motivate other USAF pilots to be more safety conscious and teaching them how to better survive such incidents.[citation needed]

Sled Driver: Flying the World's Fastest Jet fre...


After 20 years and 5000 hours in fighter jets, Shul retired from the Air Force in 1990 and went on to pursue his writing and photographic interests. In addition to running his own photo studio in northern California, he has authored seven books on flying and flight photography. His first two books (Sled Driver: Flying The World's Fastest Jet[2] and The Untouchables[3]) are about flying the SR-71 Blackbird and give the reader a first-hand account of being in the cockpit of the world's fastest jet. Shul's third and fourth books are about America's air demonstration teams, the Navy Blue Angels, in Blue Angels: A Portrait of Gold,[4] and the Air Force Thunderbirds, in Summer Thunder[5] and contain aerial images from inside the formations of these teams. In 1997, Shul released his fifth book, Eagle Eyes : Action Photography from the Cutting Edge,[6] which is a collection of his in-flight photos.

His first two books (SledDriver: Flying The World's Fastest Jet and The Untouchables) areabout flying the SR-71 Blackbird and give the reader a first-handaccount of being in the cockpit of the world's fastestjet.

Brian Shul served for 20 years as an Air Force fighter pilot. Sled Driver, his memoir of flying the SR-71, features exclusive photos taken by the author. The signed, limited edition book, available for $427, can be purchased by calling 888.777.8383 or visiting 041b061a72


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