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Waylon Allen
Waylon Allen

Download ##VERIFIED## Orai For Public Speaking, Pres [Pro] Apk

One of the most interesting new apps for public speakers helps you by putting you on a virtual stage. Upload your presentation, then practice in front of a fake audience. The app requires a virtual headset, but its 3D, realistic-looking scenarios can be very helpful in getting a handle on being in front of a group.

Download Orai for Public Speaking, Pres [Pro] apk

While not specific to public speaking, Headspace is a great way to learn more about meditation and start regular practice. The free trial helps you relax for 10 minutes a day for 10 days with guided exercises and lessons, and includes a personalized progress page, reward system for continued practice, and can even hook you up with a buddy to help ensure you stick to the practice. All the while being fun, light, and engaging. It is one of the top-rated apps on both iTunes and Android.

Instantly and seamlessly interact with your audience by having them vote in real-time. Your audience does not have to sign-up or download anything. They only need to visit the website on their device, punch in the code unique to your presentation, then watch the stats tally instantly on a beautiful display. Mentimeter is a mobile voting app that lets you show the results live with real-time graphs and charts. Able to handle over 30,000 votes per minute, it can work for small events or big ones.

We understand the importance of finding the right Productivity app for your needs, which is why we are happy to give you Orai - Improve Public Speaking by Orai, Inc.. We're on a mission to help you overcome your fear of public speaking. So you can express confidence and be more compelling! 041b061a72


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