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What Kind Of Mattress Should I Buy Quiz PORTABLE

With so many mattresses available on the marketplace, shopping for a new bed can feel a bit overwhelming. Our mattress quiz will help you decide which mattress is the best fit for you. This personalized tool finds mattresses that are most compatible with your sleeping position, body type, and budget. The quiz will also incorporate factors such as temperature preferences and sleeping with a partner, which can both affect how comfortable a mattress feels for an individual.

what kind of mattress should i buy quiz

Side sleepers require mattresses with a strong balance of contouring and support in order to keep the spine properly aligned. Support is important to prevent areas of the back and spine from sinking too deep into the bed. Meanwhile cushioning helps relieve pressure in the hips and shoulders, where pressure often builds up with side sleepers.

Stomach sleepers benefit from mattresses that are firm and supportive enough to keep the spine properly aligned. Mattresses that are too soft can cause the midsection to sink into the bed and throw off spinal alignment. While support is key for stomach sleepers, this sleep position also benefits from light cushioning for the head and shoulders.

Generally speaking, people who weigh over 230 pounds tend to favor mattresses with higher firmness ratings. This helps avoid the kind of sinkage that can lead to poor sleep posture. People in this weight category may gravitate toward hybrid and latex mattresses, since these are typically firmer and more supportive than all-foam beds. That said, some brands engineer foam beds to provide support for those in heavier weight categories.

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to finding an ideal mattress. Eco-conscious shoppers may prefer beds made with organic materials. People who sleep close to the edge of the bed might want a mattress with good edge support. Shoppers who are new to purchasing mattresses online may appreciate a bed with a long sleep trial. Figuring out your individual needs will go a long way toward finding the perfect mattress, so take our mattress quiz to get started on your search.

There are different types of mattresses to choose from, from memory foam, to latex foam, to hybrid mattresses mixing both types of foam and pocketed coils. To answer the question what kind of mattress should I buy, you should think about what kind of material you like and dislike.

Other factors you should be taking into consideration when finding the perfect mattress is body and sleeper type. The best mattress for side sleepers are usually the ones with a softer profile, because side sleepers typically require pressure relieving beds that conform to the side of their body.

The best mattress for stomach sleepers tends to look the same as the best mattress for back sleepers; firm with a supportive profile. Firm beds promote a straight alignment in your spine, and prevent your lower back from sagging into the mattress. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers should opt for a bed in the medium to firm range (5-10 on the scale).

When shopping for your mattress, the first factor you should consider is how firm you want it to be. You can think about firmness as how hard or soft your mattress is. "Hard" often has a negative connotation, but it can be a good thing for mattresses. A firmer mattress provides a lot of support for your neck and back. On the other hand, a softer mattress will give you less support but more pressure relief.

If you are a side sleeper, you have to watch out for pressure points on your knees, hips and shoulders. You'll want to stay on the softer side of the firmness scale. Softer mattresses make sure side sleepers have ample pressure relief to keep you from waking up in pain.

If you're a petite side sleeper, we recommend that you choose to stay around medium and softer firmness levels. If a mattress is too firm, you risk developing pressure points on your shoulders, hips and knees when you sleep.

If being cool while you sleep is at the top of your list, then you should look for a mattress that uses unique cooling fabrics or foams. Many mattresses are infused with cooling gels or are made with phase-changing fabrics that are supposed to keep you cool while you sleep. We recommend that you read our cooling mattress review as well as customer testimonials to ensure the technology used in the mattress has cooling properties.

We suggest The WinkBeds EcoCloud for a great Latex mattress. This mattress features a 4-inch thick Talalay latex layer designed to provide firmer support in the lower back and softer cushioning in the shoulders and hips.

We suggest the Nectar Original for a great memory foam mattress. The Nectar is rated exceptionally well for motion isolation and has a medium-firm feel that should complement most people well. Plus, they infuse gel in their memory foam to help keep the material cool.

We suggest the Helix Dusk as a great mattress for back sleepers. The Helix Dusk has a medium firmness that should complement most back sleepers. Additionally, the construction includes great layers for back sleepers, such as DuraDenseFoam, coils, Memory Plus Foam, and Helix Dynamic Foam.

People who sleep on their side often experience pressure accumulation because their weight is concentrated in a smaller area. Therefore, these individuals should go with a softer mattress that will provide a more equal distribution of pressure.

The more details we know about the way you sleep, the better our system will be able to tailor mattress recommendations that are specific to your needs. Although the most comprehensive experience involves lying down on a mattress in store, the online bedMATCH sleep diagnostic system is more sophisticated than any mattress quiz available.

At British Beds Direct, we're experts in providing the nation with a good night's sleep. We understand what it feels like to have restless sleep and know how it can impact your mood the next day, so we have created a quick and simple mattress quiz! We have designed the ultimate guide to help you determine the best mattress type for you.

The mattress quiz we have designed will help you find the most compatible mattress based on your body type and how you sleep. We've looked at some of the most common factors that contribute to a good or bad night's sleep, such as your sleeping position, how firm you prefer your mattress to be and whether or not there is another person in the bed with you.

Regularly cleaning your mattress is suggested so that it will last as long as possible. You should regularly vacuum your mattress and clean it with other recommended cleaners depending on the type of mattress you have.

To properly dispose of a mattress you should research the correct local protocol where you live. Most places will require you to purchase a specific mattress trash bag in order to be picked up by your local trash disposal service.

When it comes to choosing the best mattress for your sleep position, firmness is generally consideration the most important consideration. Side sleepers need soft to medium feel mattresses to fully embrace their shoulders and hips. Without that needed cushion, a side sleeper may wake up stiff and in pain.

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