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All Hail King Julien is an American computer-animated 3D streaming television series. It stars King Julien, Maurice, and Mort from the DreamWorks Animation animated film Madagascar franchise and takes place in Madagascar before the events of the first film, making it a prequel.[3] It is the second DreamWorks Animation show to be based on the Madagascar franchise.

All Hail King Julien

When King Julien XII (also known as Uncle King Julien), a very strict and cowardly ring-tailed lemur, is foretold to be eaten by fossa (spelled and pronounced as "foosa"), he abdicates his throne in favor of his nephew, who becomes King Julien XIII, a fun, notorious party animal, who now has an entire kingdom of lemurs to lead on his own. While Uncle King Julien is gone, the new King Julien gets into various troubles in the company of his adviser Maurice, his head of security Clover the crowned lemur, and his biggest fan Mort. All the while, his devious uncle returns and tries to get rid of his nephew to reclaim the throne. Aside from Uncle King Julien and the fossa, Julien deals with other threats like the mad fanaloka Karl and Clover's twin sister Crimson.

At the end of the fourth season, King Julien is dethroned and forced into exile by King Koto and his army but successfully defeats Koto and regains his kingdom in the next season, subtitled Exiled. The fifth and final season takes place after Koto's demise; villains such as Karl and Uncle King Julien decide to give up their evil ways and start a new life. This all leads up to the arrival of Alex on Madagascar (setting the stage of the first film) just as Clover leaves with her husband, Sage Moondancer, on their honeymoon.

The series is a prequel to the franchise, taking place before the events of the first film. The cliffhanger at the end of Season 4 which was released on November 11, 2016, and continued with the fifth season named All Hail King Julien: Exiled, which premiered on May 12, 2017. The series is then continued as All Hail King Julien again, in their fifth (sixth, if Exiled is included) and final season, with the episode "The End is Here", wrapping things up with Alex washing up on the island after being separated from his friends due to the Penguins using the freighter ship to set sail for Antarctica.

All Hail King Julien follows the adventures of the illustrious King Julien XIII, before the events of Madagascar, as he rules his great kingdom after being crowned as king by his own uncle. His uncle, whose purpose is to actually kill King Julien and reclaim his throne, causes a big threat to the kingdom; and even beyond that King Julien bumps into a lot of other enemies including the evil fanaloka genius, Karl, the (former) king of the mountain lemurs named Koto, the leader of the fossa pack known as Mary Ann and a lot other foes with intentions to bring him down, even from inside his own kingdom. But with the help of his loyal crew, Maurice, Clover and Mort, he rules as possibly the kingdom's greatest king in their entire history, bringing the kingdom together in times of pleasure and times of pain, such as the War of the Beasts.

Parents need to know that All Hail King Julien is filled with the carefree, party-style humor that made the booty-shaking lemur a favorite of fans of Madagascar. There's some potty humor (along the lines of a ship made from a urinal, for instance) and marginal language like "buttload" and "shut up." Julien isn't a born leader, and his selfishness often puts his colony in danger, but he shows some heart when the chips are down. Younger kids might find the menacing Fossa a bit frightening, but for most, this series is good for some worry-free laughs.

When Prince Julien's uncle (voiced by Henry Winkler) unexpectedly bestows his royal title on his nephew and abandons ship for solitude in the jungle, the new king feels like his dream has come true. With his trusty sidekick Maurice (Kevin Michael Richardson) and adoring groupie Mort (Andy Richter) to back him up, King Julien is sure this is the beginning of one long jungle party! But the regime change means nothing to the dreaded Fossa, who would love to make a meal of their neighboring lemurs, and responsibility now falls on the fun-loving King Julien to keep his subjects safe. But will take the cunning strength of his security commander, Clover (India de Beaufort), and the prophetic insight of the mystical Masikura (Debra Wilson) be enough to offset King Julien's obsessive need for dance parties and keep him on task as a leader?

The Madagascar movies introduced some larger-than-life supporting characters who have proven themselves stars in their own right. What the Penguins have done already in a TV series and a feature film, King Julien attempts in ALL HAIL KING JULIEN, which casts him right where he likes to be -- at the center of attention. His egomaniacal personality is wholly suited to the spot, and his outlandish adventures won't disappoint fans who love his booty-shaking self.

The show introduces colorful new characters who complement Julien and his inner circle of Maurice and Mort, in particular the bedazzled Masikura, whose visions of the future help guide Julien's questionable strategies as king. For those who can't get enough of the extended adventures of the Madagascar crew, this is another winner to add to the mix.

Watson: In the very first episode of the final season, "Julien 2.0", it's all about Julien wanting to make a kingdom that's inclusive to everyone; it's not just about his ego and what he wants, it's what everybody wants. The whole episode was predicated upon the fact that myself and all the writers had a real problem with "trigger warnings" and all the stuff that's going on in colleges, things like that, and we just think it's ridiculous. So we said, "Let's just do a whole episode on that." So Julien tries to create this world where nobody's feelings get hurt, where there's no conflict whatsoever, and then we see how that completely unravels and goes awry.

We get another one which is all about the school system. My older daughter goes to public school and we deal with Common Core. A lot of it's based on tests, not so much critical thinking, but simply, "Can you memorize things and repeat them back, so we get a good score and get more funding?" We decided to do a whole episode on this. We concocted an episode about Julien discovering that the lemur kids have been going to a charter school that has been teaching them completely wrong. They have to figure out how they can compete in an inter-school competition. Julien's idea is, "We'll just cheat." We had a lot of fun with that one. It pokes fun at what we all thought was the hypocrisy of what the school system is becoming.

Watson: There is a project, but I can't tell you what it is or what network it's going to be on. We've been working on it for almost a year. There are a lot of the same writers working on it, and there are also a lot of new writers working on it. All new storyboard artists, some of the same CG people, all new directors. I'm not getting to work with my buddy Bret Haaland, who I desperately wanted to work with, because they pulled him away to work on something else. I'm very happy with the way it's coming out. It's a different type of show from Julien; it's not quite as crazy or wacky. It's been a good experience. It's a serialized show with a much bigger scope, still a comedy. If you like Season 5 of Julien, you'll like this show.

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Following the events of the 4th season finale, a Sequel Series, All Hail King Julien: Exiled, premiered on May 12, 2017 taking a dramatic shift from episodic comedy to highly serialized dramatic comedy in the form of a 13 part story.

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King Julien is here to party, and no one can stop him from ruling with an iron fist... in the air, wavin' like he just doesn't care! ALL HAIL KING JULIEN brings the wild world of Madagascar to a totally original, totally hilarious and totally insane television series in which the king takes on the craziest adventures the jungle has to offer. A new cast of fantastic, colorful characters joins King Julien himself, along with his second-in-command, Maurice, and his longtime devotee, Mort. It's a riot of color - not to mention a laugh riot - when viewers ALL HAIL KING JULIEN!

Evil-doerFull NameKing Julien XIIAliasUncle King JulienOriginAll Hail King JulienOccupationKing of the lemurs (formerly)Powers / SkillsManipulationHobbyNone knownGoalsPrevent himself from being killed by the Foosa by making his nephew the king (succeeded).Kill his nephew and regain in position as king (failed; later abandoned).Live a happy life with Zora (ongoing).

He is King Julien XIII's uncle and the former king of the lemurs of Madagascar. He abdicated his throne to his nephew to avoid being the victim of a grim prophecy, but then later tries to kill his nephew to retake his throne. But he then later redeems himself when he fell in love with Zora, a mountain lemur.

King Julien XII is a lazy, paunchy, older lemur oozing smarminess. When Julien thrives as king, his devious uncle will do any conniving thing to regain the throne. He kept the lemurs in soul crushing silence in order to avoid Fossa attacks. When Masikura tells him that "the one who holds the crown will be bitten by the Fossa," he gives up his crown to Julien so that he won't be eaten According to Masikura and King Julien he never apologizes and everyone was afraid to stand up to him anyone who does he had banished. 041b061a72


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