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Shark Side Of The Moon

During the Cold War, the Soviets were experimenting with human/shark hybrids at a launch facility. As is usually the case in these situations the experimental creatures got free. In a desperate bid to keep them from reaching the ocean, Sergey (Ego Mikitas, Blowback, The Handler) lured them onto a shuttle and took them on a one-way trip to the moon.

Shark Side of the Moon

Forty years later Commander Nicole Tress (Maxi Witrak, Sex, and the Future, Stage Fright) is leading a crew that includes Liam (Terrance Livingston Jr., JoJo & Pitt ), Josie (Lydia Hunter, The Book of Truth), and Owen (Michael Deni, T-Rex Ranch, Tankhouse) on a mission back to the moon when something attacks the ship.

Figure 1. (A) Illustration of the lunar illumination cycle where the moon is depicted as white dots. (B) Proportion of time (days) the moon spends in different lunar illumination deciles. No shark attacks are included here; this is simply to reference the non-uniform temporal distribution of lunar illumination that serves as the expected values in the analyses.

Shark Side of the Moon travels back in time to the Cold War, when the USSR developed hyper-aggressive humanoid sharks. Unable to kill them, USSR military scientists launched the sharks at the moon. Flash-forward to the present day and the first team of American astronauts on the moon in decades must repair a module found on the dark side of the moon. There, the astronauts encounter the unkillable Russian moon sharks and endure an epic fight for their lives.

Shark Side of The Moon comes to Tubi as part of their month-long Bitefest, which brings both educational and entertaining shark content to your TVs throughout August. The line-up also includes the Tubi original Shark Bait, the iconic Jaws franchise, Swamp Shark, Dark Waters, and Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda. Documentaries Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait, Saving Jaws, and Shark Land also premiere.

You already know I enjoyed this lol. Tubi really made up for their craptastic original shark movie Swim by bringing sharks to the moon! We've already seen sharks in the water, sand, mountains and tornadoes, so space is the obvious next choice. Maybe we will get a sequel, sharks on Mars.

A rag tag group of scientists travel to the moon and discover soviet experimental killer sharks. And its cute that tubi actually tried to create a backstory. It doesnt matter tho because obs we just wanna watch moon sharks eat people. And lets face it, your watching a movie about moon sharks. So no need to complain about quality lol.

Ok, ok so maybe this movie jumps the shark with its A+ opening scene & orbits around a [generous] SEA-minus for the remaining 80min, but there's no de-bait-ing my un-Apollo-getic sat-fish-faction with this campy carp. I mean, crap*

& Tbh, I watched 30sec of the trailer & already knew this was dolphinitely my space-jam. I mean, 'roided out quadruped sharks in space?!? If that doesn't spell gill-ty pleasure lunarcy, then lock me up in the Asylum, & -

I was never not going to watch this. A title like that and shark/human hybrids on the moon, automatic press play. Except it's a slog to get through. I love bad movies, don't get me wrong, but this was like an adaptation of an off-brand Walgreens action figure line (member back in the day when they had the ripoff action figures?) or of a Saturday morning cartoon (not as cool as Street Sharks). The ingredients were there, it coulda been wonderful schlock.

Screen Rant is debuting the first Shark Side of The Moon trailer revealing the shark-human hybrids at the center of the movie, which is set to premiere as a Tubi Original on Friday, August 12. The film blends the space-driven storytelling of Alien with the tongue-in-cheek filmmaking of Sharknado producers The Asylum.

Shark Side of the Moon is set in a world in which the USSR developed hyper-aggressive humanoid sharks in the height of the Cold War, though following the conflict passing and finding themselves unable to kill the creatures, they launched them all at the Moon. In the present day, a group of American astronauts travel to the planet to repair a module on the dark side of the moon, only to discover the humanoid sharks and finding themselves in a fight for survival.

In honor of Tubi's Shark Month: Bitefest, Screen Rant has the exclusive Shark Side of the Moon trailer and poster. The video offers the first look at the sci-fi thriller as the American scientists crash-land on the titular planet and discover a number of strange ongoings, including the deadly humanoid sharks inhabiting the Moon. Check out the trailer and poster below:

Reginald William Stalling is leading the cast of Shark Side of the Moon alongside Maxi Witrak, Terrance Livingston Jr., Lydia Hunter, Konstantin Podprugin, Tania Fox, Michael Austin Deni, Michael Marcel, Roman Chsherbakov, Ego Miktas, Lindsey Marie and Sandi Todorovic. Emmy-winning visual effects supervisor Glenn Campbell is reuniting with Planet Dune's Tammy Klein to direct the film on a script from Apocalypse of Ice's Ryan Ebert and Jurassic School's Anna Rasmussen.

An epic tee that honors one of the greatest albums of all time! Our Shark Side of the Moon tee twists Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album cover. We replaced the triangle prism and replaced it with a shark. This tee was one of our best sellers last year, so it's back for a repeat performance AND it's now available online!

Copyright is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to make copies of a creative work, usually for a limited time. The creative work may be in a literary, artistic, educational, or musical form. Copyright is intended to protect the original expression of an idea in the form of a creative work, but not the idea itself. A copyright is subject to limitations based on public interest considerations, such as the fair use doctrine in the United States.

Shark Side of The Moon Official Trailer A Tubi OriginalTubi Original SHARK SIDE OF THE MOON, from The Asylum and premiering August 12, travels back in time during the Cold War when the USSR developed hyper-aggressive sharks. Unable to kill them, USSR military leaders launched the sharks at the moon. Flash-forward to present day and the first team of American astronauts on the moon in decades must repair a module found on the dark side of the moon, where the astronauts encounter the un-killable Russian moon sharks and endure an epic fight for their lives.

The Dark Side of the Moon explores themes such as conflict, greed, time, death and mental illness. Snippets from interviews with the band's road crew and others are featured alongside philosophical quotations. The sleeve, which depicts a prismatic spectrum, was designed by Storm Thorgerson in response to keyboardist Richard Wright's request for a "simple and bold" design which would represent the band's lighting and the album's themes. The album was promoted with two singles, "Money" and "Us and Them".

"Money", the first track on side two, opens with the sound of cash registers and rhymically jingling coins. The song mocks greed and consumerism with sarcastic lyrics and cash-related sound effects. "Money" became the band's most commercially successful track and was covered by other artists.[28] "Us and Them" addresses the isolation of the depressed with the symbolism of conflict and the use of simple dichotomies to describe personal relationships. "Any Colour You Like" tackles the illusion of choice one has in society. "Brain Damage" looks at mental illness resulting from the elevation of fame and success above the needs of the self; in particular, the line "and if the band you're in starts playing different tunes" reflects the mental breakdown of former bandmate Syd Barrett. The album ends with "Eclipse", which espouses the concepts of otherness and unity, while encouraging the listener to recognise the common traits shared by humanity.[29][30]

In 2004, she sued EMI and Pink Floyd for 50% of the songwriting royalties, arguing that her contribution to "The Great Gig in the Sky" was substantial enough to be considered co-authorship. The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum, with all post-2005 pressings crediting Wright and Torry jointly.[55][56]

The design depicts a glass prism dispersing light into colour and represents three elements: the band's stage lighting, the album lyrics, and Wright's request for a "simple and bold" design.[11] At Waters' suggestion, the spectrum of light continues through to the gatefold.[76] Added shortly afterwards, the gatefold design also includes a visual representation of the heartbeat sound used throughout the album, and the back of the album cover contains Thorgerson's suggestion of another prism recombining the spectrum of light, to make possible interesting layouts of the sleeve in record shops.[77] The light band emanating from the prism on the album cover has six colours and is missing indigo, compared to the usual division of the spectrum into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Inside the sleeve were two posters and two pyramid-themed stickers. One poster bore pictures of the band in concert, overlaid with scattered letters to form PINK FLOYD, and the other an infrared photograph of the Great Pyramids of Giza, created by Powell and Thorgerson.[77]

Much of the album's early American success is attributed to the efforts of Pink Floyd's US record company, Capitol Records. Newly appointed chairman Bhaskar Menon set about trying to reverse the relatively poor sales of the band's 1971 studio album Meddle. Meanwhile, disenchanted with Capitol, the band and manager O'Rourke had been quietly negotiating a new contract with CBS president Clive Davis, on Columbia Records. The Dark Side of the Moon was the last album that Pink Floyd were obliged to release before formally signing a new contract. Menon's enthusiasm for the new album was such that he began a huge promotional advertising campaign, which included radio-friendly truncated versions of "Us and Them" and "Time".[96] 041b061a72


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