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PvZ2: The Best Strategies for Each Level and Mode

Pvz2: The Ultimate Guide to Plants vs Zombies 2

Do you love tower defense games? Do you enjoy planting plants and fighting zombies? Do you want to have fun and challenge yourself at the same time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should definitely play pvz2. Pvz2 is the sequel to the award-winning game Plants vs Zombies. It is a hit action-strategy adventure where you meet, greet, and defeat legions of hilarious zombies from the dawn of time to the end of days. You can amass an army of amazing plants, supercharge them with plant food, and devise the ultimate plan to protect your brain. In this article, we will give you the ultimate guide to pvz2. We will cover everything you need to know about how to play pvz2, how to collect plants and zombies in pvz2, how to explore different worlds in pvz2, and how to compete against other players in pvz2. By the end of this article, you will be ready to download pvz2 and start your adventure.


How to Play Pvz2

Pvz2 is a tower defense game where you have to plant plants on your lawn to stop the zombies from reaching your house and eating your brain. The game is easy to learn but hard to master. Here are some of the basic aspects of the gameplay:

  • Planting: You can plant different types of plants on your lawn. Each plant has a different function and cost. Some plants shoot projectiles at zombies, some plants produce sun (the currency of the game), some plants block zombies or slow them down, and some plants have special abilities. You can only plant on green tiles or on special tiles that match the plant's color.

  • Sun: Sun is the currency of the game. You need sun to plant plants. You can get sun from sunflowers or other sun-producing plants, from falling suns from the sky (in day levels), or from sun banks (in night levels). You can also get sun from killing certain zombies or from using power-ups.

  • Zombies: Zombies are the enemies of the game. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some zombies are faster or stronger than others. Some zombies have special abilities or weapons that can damage your plants or bypass your defenses. You have to kill all the zombies in each level to win.

  • Levels: There are different types of levels in pvz2. Some levels are regular levels where you have to survive a certain number of waves of zombies. Some levels are endless levels where you have to survive as long as possible. Some levels are mini-games where you have to complete a certain objective or challenge. Some levels are boss levels where you have to face a powerful zombie leader. Some levels are bonus levels where you can earn extra rewards.

Pvz2 also has different game modes that offer different experiences and challenges. Here are some of the game modes you can play:

  • Adventure: This is the main mode of the game. You have to travel through different worlds and complete different levels. You can unlock new plants and zombies along the way. You can also replay any level you have completed before.

  • Arena: This is the competitive mode of the game. You have to compete against other players in real-time matches. You have to score more points than your opponent by killing more zombies or by using special plants. You can earn trophies, coins, piñatas, and other rewards by winning matches.

  • Penny's Pursuit: This is the adventure mode of the game. You have to join Penny, the time-traveling RV, and Dr. Zomboss, the evil genius, in their quest to find the secrets of the past. You have to complete different levels with different objectives and difficulties. You can earn coins, gems, mints, and other rewards by completing levels.

  • Other modes: There are also other modes that you can play in pvz2, such as Zen Garden, where you can grow and collect plants; Almanac, where you can view and learn about plants and zombies; Shop, where you can buy coins, gems, plants, and other items; and Settings, where you can adjust the game options.

Pvz2 is a game that requires strategy, skill, and creativity. You have to plan your plant placement, manage your sun production, use your power-ups wisely, and adapt to different situations. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your gameplay:

  • Know your plants and zombies: Each plant and zombie has its own strengths and weaknesses. You have to know what they can do and how they interact with each other. For example, peashooters are good at shooting zombies from a distance, but they are weak against shielded zombies. Wall-nuts are good at blocking zombies, but they are vulnerable to digging zombies. You have to choose the right plants for the right zombies.

  • Use plant food: Plant food is a special item that can boost your plants' abilities. You can get plant food from glowing zombies or from power-ups. You can use plant food on any plant to activate its special effect. For example, using plant food on a peashooter will make it shoot a barrage of peas; using plant food on a sunflower will make it produce a large amount of sun; using plant food on a wall-nut will make it regenerate its health. You have to use plant food strategically to turn the tide of the battle.

  • Use power-ups: Power-ups are special items that can help you in various ways. You can buy power-ups with coins or gems. You can use power-ups at any time during the game. There are three types of power-ups: Power Pinch, which lets you pinch zombies to kill them instantly; Power Toss, which lets you toss zombies off the screen; and Power Zap, which lets you zap zombies with electricity. You have to use power-ups sparingly as they are limited and expensive.

How to Collect Plants and Zombies in Pvz2

Pvz2 is not only a game of strategy and skill, but also a game of collection and customization. You can collect different types of plants and zombies in pvz2. You can also level up your plants and zombies to make them stronger and unlock new abilities. Here are some of the aspects of collecting plants and zombies in pvz2:

  • Plant types: There are many types of plants in pvz2. Each type has its own characteristics and functions. Some types are more common than others. Some types are exclusive to certain worlds or modes. Here are some of the plant types you can find in pvz2:

  • Peashooters: These are the basic plants that shoot peas at zombies. They are good at dealing damage from a distance.

  • Sunflowers: These are the basic plants that produce sun for you. They are essential for planting more plants.

  • Wall-nuts: These are the basic plants that block zombies with their hard shells. They are good at stalling zombies and protecting other plants.

  • Bombard-mint family: These are the plants that explode or cause explosions. They are good at dealing massive damage to multiple zombies.

  • Ail-mint family: These are the plants that inflict status effects on zombies, such as freezing, burning, poisoning, or stunning. They are good at weakening zombies and disrupting their movements.

  • Enforce-mint family: These are the plants that buff or debuff plants or zombies, such as increasing damage, health, speed, or sun production. They are good at enhancing your plants' performance and hindering your zombies' performance.

  • Arma-mint family: These are the plants that have strong physical attacks or defenses, such as spikes, thorns, nuts, or shields. They are good at piercing through zombie armor and protecting your lawn.

  • Contain-mint family: These are the plants that trap or repel zombies, such as magnets, vacuums, springs, or blowers. They are good at removing zombie items and pushing zombies away from your lawn.

  • Spear-mint family: These are the plants that shoot sharp projectiles or beams at zombies, such as spears, lasers, needles, or stars. They are good at piercing through multiple zombies and dealing precise damage.

  • Pepper-mint family: These are the plants that use fire or heat to attack zombies, such as peppers, torches, dragons, or chilies. They are good at burning zombies and melting ice.

  • Winter-mint family: These are the plants that use ice or cold to attack zombies, such as snowpeas, icebergs, snowdrops, or mints. They are good at freezing zombies and slowing them down.

  • Reinforce-mint family: These are the plants that use electricity or magnetism to attack zombies, such as lightning reeds, magnets, electric peashooters, or citrons. They are good at shocking zombies and stunning them.

  • Bombegranate family: These are the plants that use seeds or fruits to attack zombies, such as melons, grapes, bananas, or bombegranates. They are good at splashing damage to multiple zombies and creating explosions.

  • Fila-mint family: These are the plants that use light or sound to attack zombies, such as sunflowers, sun-shrooms, sun beans, or moonflowers. They are good at producing sun and powering up other plants.

  • Enlighten-mint family: These are the plants that use magic or psychic powers to attack zombies, such as puff-shrooms, hypno-shrooms, shadow-shrooms, or caulipowers. They are good at summoning allies and controlling enemies.

  • Conceal-mint family: These are the plants that use stealth or camouflage to attack zombies, such as spikeweeds, spikerocks, garlics, or chompers. They are good at hiding from zombies and surprising them with powerful attacks.

Appease-mint family: These are the plants that use charm or humor to attack zombies, such as marigolds, gold blooms, or imitaters. They are good at attracting zombies and distracting them with funny effects.


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