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(Dub) 8 : The Strongest Team!!! !LINK!

On November 9, 2021, Aniplex announced an anime television series adaptation produced by CloverWorks.[1] The series was directed by Takuhiro Kodachi, with the scripts handled by Konomi Shugo, character designs by Yousuke Okuda, and music composition by Yūsuke Shirato. It aired from April 10 to July 3, 2022, on Tokyo MX and other networks.[2][5][a] The opening theme song is "Highlight - Highlight" (ハイライトハイライト, Hairaito Hairaito) by The Peggies.[24] For each episode, different cast members performed a version of the ending theme song "Akane-gumi Katsudou Nisshi" (あかね組活動日誌) as their respective teams.[25] Crunchyroll has licensed the series.[26] Medialink has licensed the series in South and Southeast Asia.[27]

(Dub) 8 : The Strongest Team!!!


Dokudami, Aogiri, and Shakuyaku of Team Boar return from a long journey and share boar meat with the others. Team Dog explains to Rindou that Team Boar are the village's strongest warriors. Asagao tries to compliment them by calling them "stupid strong", but they think she was calling them stupid and attack her. Tsubaki challenges Dokudami to a duel and she accepts after greeting the teachers. Team Dog relaxes and explains Team Boar always gets lost. Mokuren confirms Team Boar cannot find the battlefield and walked into a swamp.

Tachiaoi of Team Rat doubts herself because she can never say "No" to her teammates Higuruma and Hagi. As Higuruma drags them on a boar hunt, Tachiaoi witnesses Tsubaki disciplining her team. Inspired, she tells Higuruma and Hagi to practice throwing shuriken, but they did not bring any, so they practice fire Jutsu. It rains and they take shelter in a cave. Tachiaoi laments her inadequacies as a leader, but her teammates reassure her. When the rain stops, they bathe in a hot spring and Tachiaoi vows to find her own path.

Years later, Canadian broadcasting standards resulted in AB Groupe teaming up with Westwood Media Productions to produce an alternate English dub of the second half of the series with Ocean Studios once again providing the voice track. This production was also shown in the UK, where AB Groupe also held broadcasting rights, while the Funimation dub continued to be shown in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

FUNimation then teamed up with Pioneer Entertainment (now known as NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan) to produce English dubs of the first three DBZ movies (Dead Zone, The World's Strongest and The Tree of Might) with Ocean Studios reprising their duties from the Saban co-production. These English dubs were released to VHS and DVD and were critically acclaimed by older fans due to being uncut, staying closer to the Japanese scripts and keeping the original Japanese score. The performance of Peter Kelamis in particular was praised due to his likeness to Goku's female Japanese voice actor Masako Nozawa. FUNimation eventually phased out or replaced these releases with their own in-house dubs of the first three movies during the mid-2000s.

The series' target audience was eventually found when the first two seasons aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block during the summer of 1998. Ratings were very positive, and the series found new life, thus warranting the series' English dub to continue. By this point, FUNimation decided to continue dubbing the project in Texas with non-union actors, due to not being able to afford the Vancouver actors without Saban's financing. From episode 54 onward (the beginning of season 3, midway through uncut Episode 67), FUNimation began using their in-house talent, based in Ft. Worth, Texas, to dub the rest of the series. Until these new episodes were recorded and produced, re-runs of the Ocean dubbed Saiyan and Namek sagas ran indefinitely for months. Ocean Studios continued to assist FUNimation with scripting and editing. Bruce Faulconer and his team's new score replaced the Saban score due to FUNimation not liking the music and not having the money needed for the Saban team to continue producing new music for the series.[3] Initially many fans accustomed to the Saban dub criticized the FUNimation dub of the third season due to the voice acting and music being of a noticeably lower quality level, due to FUNimation's shoe-string budget. The most common complaint was the new voice actors, who were originally asked to imitate the former Ocean Group actors. The third season FUNimation dub did however manage to receive some praise due to the phasing out of most censorship (which was due to Saban no longer being involved with the show).

Bulma decides that his shapeshifting powers could be useful on her Dragon Ball quest and persuades him with her looks to join their expedition. While heading out with them, Oolong disagrees with the whole idea of going. When he finds out that they are heading to Fire Mountain, Oolong tries to ditch them by transforming into a fish, but he fails as he is captured again. Bulma gives him a "vitamin" that causes him to have to go to the bathroom anytime someone whistles "Piggy!", which Bulma uses to make him obey her and not try to leave, there she learns his shapeshifting abilities are for show, and have no real use for her, and since Bulma lost her Capsule case in a river, the gang is forced to walk the Diablo Desert where Oolong meets up with Puar, a former classmate of which he bullied, teamed up with a desert bandit named Yamcha.[8][9][13]

While heading to the next location of a Dragon Ball, they stop at Monster Carrot's Village to refill on gas, but Goku ends up messing with the Rabbit Mob, causing their leader Monster Carrot to turn Bulma into a Carrot, but Oolong drives away and avoids the conflict until it's all over. Five of the Dragon Balls that they gained on their quest are stolen by Shu when heading towards Pilaf's Castle. The gang is forced to team up with Yamcha and Puar, who've been following them from a distance for some time. When arriving at Pilaf's Castle, Goku's four star Ball is stolen by having everyone trapped in a room and put to sleep with gas. Oolong and Puar are able to fly out of a hole made by Goku's Kamehameha so they can prevent Emperor Pilaf's plan to wish himself world domination.

Main article: Dragon Ball FusionsIn the Sub-Event, The Panty Thief Appears!, Tekka's Team meets Peco at the Cell Games Arena and she asks them for a favor. She reveals that an underwear thief had stolen her panties, to the outrage of Pan. She asks Tekka's Team to help her capture the thief. If Tekka refuses, Pan will insist they help Peco catch the Thief regardless, causing Trunks to say girls are scary when events like this happen. Peco will tell them that the thief was piggish looking, causing both Kid Goku and Kid Trunks to suspect Oolong's involvement. While Peco searches the Cell Games Arena, she asks Tekka's team to search outside. They can find Oolong using a jetpack to fly around in the skies above the Future Capsule Corporation. Realizing he's been caught, Oolong will blame his theft on his failure to resist the preverbal demon of temptation and attempts to bribe them to let him go, as he is aware that Peco is a female martial artist. Tekka can choose to let him go or bring him back to Peco. If Tekka lets him go and they run to Peco, she will be furious and attacks Tekka's Team with her teammates Kiclee and Sirami. After she is defeated by Tekka's team, she says this is not over and leaves, causing Trunks to suggest they apologize if they see her again. If Tekka chooses to take Oolong back to Peco, Oolong will apologize to Peco. Surprisingly, Peco accepts his apology, but warns him that, if he does it again, she will roast him on a spit.

Oolong is a relatively weak fighter though by using his Shapeshifting, he can take on various forms which he can use to either intimidate, seduce, fight, or escape though unlike Puar, Oolong's transformation time is limited forcing him to shift between forms to fight as shown by his battle with Goku. Despite managing to kidnap several girls using his Shapeshifting to convince the villagers that he was a dangerous monster when in reality the girls he kidnapped lived in luxury within Oolong's mansion and is forced to team up with Bulma and Goku after the truth is discovered.

Fujairah were unbeaten in the league stage of the last season of Emirates D20 and they started off their campaign with a win in this season as well. They are one of the strongest sides of this season and the main title contender as well. The likes of Wasim Muhammad, Usman Khan, Rohan Mustafa, Kashif Daud, and Umair Ali etc form a very strong line-up. Their batting and bowling units are very strong and will look to win this game as well.

Fujairah is arguably the strongest team in the tournament and they won their first game of this season. It will be very difficult for Dubai to win against them. Fujairah are the clear favorites to win this game.

Kashif Daud: Kashif Daud is the main pace bowler for Fujairah. He bowled really well in the first game and picked up 2 wickets. Daud can also contribute with the bat if he gets the chance. He will bowl in the power play and then in the death overs which makes him an excellent captain pick for your fantasy teams.

Asif-Khan: Asif Khan will be a top differential option for this match. He scored 50 runs in the last game batting in the middle-order for Fujairah. Although the Fujairah top order is a very strong one, in case they fail to perform then Asif Khan will be a key batter for his team.

A gamemaker of truth who can appraise people and the general situation, while combining both stillness and motion. (dub: A true game-maker who combines stillness and motion by seeing through the individual to understand the whole.)

A charismatic defender who rouses up his team's courage, changing it into an iron-wall defense. (dub: A charismatic defender who rouses the courage of the team to change into an iron-wall defence.)

An iron-wall goalkeeper with the power to control a major country, along with the tenacity and will to carry out his actions. (dub: An iron-wall goalkeeper with the power and toughness to subdue an empire.) 041b061a72


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