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The Classic Presets: Classic Film Styles For Capture One

With a wide range of color negative, positive, and black and white films to choose from, including popular choices like Kodak Portra 400, Fuji 400h, Kodak Ektachrome E100 and Kodak Tri-X 400, you can easily achieve the look and feel of classic film with just one click.

The Classic Presets: Classic Film Styles for Capture One

Download Zip:

Whether you're a professional photographer looking to add a vintage touch to your work, or an amateur photographer experimenting with different styles, the Classic Film Style Collection is the perfect tool for creating stunning, authentic film-like images.

RNI All Films includes over 180+ film emulation profiles. The collection includes classic negative films, slide films, instant films, vintage (early 20th century) films, and black and white films. All Films v5 also includes an extra collection of Kodak Aerochrome infrared-inspired looks.

Bear in mind each pack is a mini-suite; not a handful of styles but a versatile toolkit with tons of variants and options, designed to capture the look of a particular classic film in different scenarios.

This updated brilliant Capture One film style collection picks up right where the previous FUJI and Agfa film collections left off by delivering new 30 astounding Capture One Kodak film styles.

Stunning Kodak Film collection features 30+ fantastic Capture One film styles from the golden era of analog. With familiar fade and grit aesthetics, they capture the nostalgia of old childhood photos and are great for weddings and lifestyle photography.

The new Film Styles Pack emulate the color, contrast, and texture of popular analog photography film stocks. The pack of 15 different looks is split into three different degrees of intensity (much longed for), totaling 45 styles.

Overall, I would say that the looks are similar between the two applications. As with most things in Capture One, the initial results can be a little too punchy for some tastes and may need to be toned back. With many of the slide film styles, for example, I found myself only using the 25% strength versions. Anything above that produced a much too contrasty and saturated image for my taste.

I have an Adobe license for work, which may cloud my judgment on the matter but I like Lightroom. I use the non-cloud "classic" CC version. It is a good organizational/batch tool, and over time has become a robust editor. I even print from there now, using Adobe's Print Studio Pro tool.

I also use LR, but mainly for cataloging. My LR file structure matched the file structure on my hard drive. After putting in keywords for over 150,000 photos, one day my file folders were scrambled and no longer in the same place in LR that they were on my hard drive, and when I clicked on images in LR the file was no longer linked.Interestingly, and to my surprise, there is no fix for this. Adobe isn't sure what happened, but it can only be fixed by manually relinking each individual file or folder. There are 10,000 or so. I couldn't use my backup either as substituting me back up did not help. So, I am not too happy with LR classic.

Izotope Releases Full Plug-in LineIzotope Inc. has announced OS X support for its entire line ofprofessional audio plug-ins and has released its entire line in ProTools, VST and DirectX formats. The release includes iZotope Ozone, a64-bit analog modeled mastering system; iZotope Trash, a 64-bit classicamp, distortion, delay and filter simulator; and isotope Spectron, aversatile spectral-based effect.


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