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Waylon Allen
Waylon Allen

Serial Crazytalk V7 2 Pro

1) My serial number always can't be verified when installing. Please check the following items when you input your serial number. 1) The serial number is in 22 digits format. (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XX) 2) The serial number contains no letter "I" or "O". 3) When copy and paste the serial number, please make sure the additional space is not copied in the end.

Serial Crazytalk V7 2 Pro

2) Why does this error message (see below) always pop up during installation process? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Online Verification Failed! Setup is unable to retrieve the information from internet to validate your serial number. The problem may occur due to the internet connection failure, DNS recognition problem, or the firewall blocking. If you do have internet access, please retry installation on a later time. Setup will be terminated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When this message appears, it generally indicates that the installer cannot connect to our server to perform activation process.

3) For 3rd party products download, you can extract your download link in the member account - Order History page, whereas for the serial number/activation key, you need to click the "Serial #" to retrieve it.

Unfortunately you can't use your CTA2 Windows serial number for the Mac version. Both are treated as separate products. If you have recently purchased CTA2 for Windows and wish to switch to the Mac version then we can normally accommodate this on a one off basis. You won't be able to switch back though without purchasing again.

A ways from my home down the street is a grey post in the pavement. When the top is off and a service technition is there it is very easy to see what is in the post and from glancing at the screen connected by the serial port what is going on.

Paul, you seem to recognize part of the problem, delay, but at the same time you fail to recognize the other components to the problem: the difference in claim construction, the serial nature of filings, the anonymous nature of the requestor in ex parte reexaminations that allow repeated filings by the same party without any consequences or downsides in terms of estoppel. Perhaps we should consider banning ex parte reexaminations by third parties. 350c69d7ab


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