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Atari Teenage Riot (ATR) is a German band formed in Berlin in 1992. Highly political, they fuse left-wing, anarchist and anti-fascist views with punk vocals and a techno sound called digital hardcore, which is a term band member Alec Empire used as the name of his record label Digital Hardcore Recordings.[2]

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The major label Intercord signed the group in 1995 for Germany. ATR's record label Digital Hardcore Recordings released the debut album Delete Yourself! internationally. In 1996 the Beastie Boys licensed the album and released it in the US with extra songs under the title "Burn Berlin Burn" on their label Grand Royal.

On 12 October 2010, Steve Aoki and Dim Mak Records announced the release of Atari Teenage Riot's new single "Activate", with the full-length album Is This Hyperreal? released in 2011. While the record was described as "redundant" by Pitchfork Media,[11] in what Empire called "probably one of the dumbest reviews I've ever read about any record.",[10] other magazines gave it great reviews. New Musical Express wrote: "Few bands have ever detonated as powerfully in the underground as Atari Teenage Riot. Put simply, they were the conscience of electronic music. They were a band that sounded the way you always wanted The Prodigy to sound. A band akin to Black Flag if that outfit had existed in an age where every home had a computer. And their influence burned big and bright". Artrocker Magazine put them on the cover in their May 2011 issue and wrote: "Make no mistake, 'Activate' is the most exhilarating, futuristic and punk rock single of the month. (...) ATR aren't like any other band. They're the only group that could have cut a record with Rage Against the Machine and have it be their meekest recording. They're the only group that iTunes have censored on the grounds that their music could create riots! Ten years and several line-up changes makes no difference to tonight's immediate onslaught of rave, punk, screaming and pounding gabba. The finale consists of the fiercest white noise squall of the evening, and the audience's reaction (moshing, screaming, crowdsurfing, shoes flying through the air) seems to indicate they don't care either".[citation needed] That month the band headlined the Bang Face Weekender festival in the UK.[12]

In advance of a December 2016 concert in Tel Aviv, Israel, ATR used Facebook to declare their opposition to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, calling it "a support mechanism for Palestinian terrorist groups in their efforts to de-legitimize and ultimately destroy Israel", accusing Seeds of Peace of promoting "anti-Israel activities", and proposing that companies like Soda Stream are evidence that "working together is the best way to create a better future."[16]

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Therefore, the physical development that comes with puberty can trigger body-image and self-esteem issues. Hence, teenage girls are often self-conscious during puberty as a result of body odor, acne, and/or discomfort with the new changes in their appearance. In addition, they can be more moody, depressed, or anxious.

Thus, teenage girls express independence through their fashion choices, the music they listen to, the friends they spend time with, and the activities and hobbies they choose. And the choices they make might not be the same ones their parents would make for them.

Body image issues impact most teens, especially females. As their bodies develop, teen girls tend to focus lots of energy on their physical appearance. And if they feel any insecurity about their looks, social media generally makes it worse.

Friendships are incredibly important for teen girls. Therefore, parents sometimes feel like chopped liver when their daughters choose to spend time with friends instead of family. But connecting with peers is a natural part of adolescent development.

Close teen friendships offer many mental health benefits. However, friendships and friend groups among teenage girls can sometimes be volatile. Therefore, parents need to offer comfort and encouragement if their daughters lose friends or feel unpopular.

To establish boundaries for teenage girls, parents need to create limits. Next, parents and daughters can set age-appropriate consequences that will go into effect if the rules are broken. However, severe punishment is not the best approach when dealing with difficult teenage daughters. In fact, punishment can make things worse. Teen girls can withdraw further from parents.

Parents should connect with their teen daughters as often as possible. Listen well and share appropriately. Open, ongoing communication between parents and teens has numerous positive benefits, including decreased teen risk-taking behaviors, decreased teen sexual activity, and improved teen mental health.

Parents should never hesitate to seek help when dealing with difficult teenage daughters. That might mean talking with a parent coach or going to a parent support group. Or parents and teens can attend family therapy together. Furthermore, teenage girls may benefit from a consultation with a qualified mental health professional during this turbulent time.

Furthermore, the teen years only last so long. Consequently, dealing with a difficult teenage daughter will soon become a memory. Therefore, strong parent-teen relationships provide a foundation for ongoing positive connections as teenagers become young adults.

The onset of adolescence, generally between 12 and 14, is the hardest age for a teenage girl. The hormones of puberty cause her to feel her emotions more intensely but she has not yet developed the reasoning skills to know how to handle them. In addition, physical changes such as a developing body, the start of menstruation, and acne cause embarrassment at just the same time as she is hardwired to become more self-conscious and sensitive to social pressure.

Do not expect a teenage daughter to respond well to anything said in anger. Your emotional tone counts for far more than what you say. Your words will have a greater chance of sinking in if your daughter is feeling calm. So focus on restoring a sense of connection first, before expecting her to be able to take in what you are saying. And even then keep it short and sweet!

The PS3 beats Wii in every age group except the 11 to 12 yearolds. However, the Wii is more popular amongst girls up to 16 yearolds, and is the favoured female choice overall. The results alsoshow that whilst the Xbox 360 is less popular in Europe and Asia,its popularity in the Americas fares much better: it is the mostpopular console in Mexico and Colombia and takes second place inthe US, Canada, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Of the teens surveyed, 24 percent own a Wii, with 21 percent and23 percent owning a PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively. The results dosuggest significant growth potential, with each of these consolesthere is another 20% planning on buying one of these consoles inthe next 12 months. The Wii and PS3 have the most sales potential:the amount of respondents that are interested in buying them is 4to 5 percentage points higher than for the Xbox 360.

Habbo is a richly colorful, multi-dimensional virtual communityand game environment for teens. Users join by creating a fullycustomized online character called a Habbo. From there, they canexplore many public hang-outs, play a variety of games, connectwith friends, decorate their own rooms, and have fun throughcreativity and self expression. Currently there are Habbocommunities in 32 countries on six continents. To date, over 94million Habbo characters have been created and 9.5 million uniqueusers worldwide visit Habbo each month (source: GoogleAnalytics).

If you go to online spaces popular with teenagers, you'll find plenty of smart, funny, charming material. And without much effort, you'll probably also find things that would make the most liberal parents cringe.

ULABY: Take this game, on The website attracts over 2 million visitors each month, most of them teenaged boys. The animated game invites players to sexually humiliate a popular singer and ends with a do-it-yourself snuff film.

It's easy for teens and pre-teens to access hardcore images of sex and violence that would have been hard for adults to find 20 years ago. Some of it, on internet advertising, blindsides kids like 15-year-old Angela Black.

ULABY: Technology is crucial to most teenagers' social lives. Many feel liberated by their relative online anonymity and experiment without much sense of repercussions, says Kathy Winn, who directs educational research for a Canadian group called the Media Awareness Network.

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