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Android 18 Having Sexl

Back in the 80s, Android was a random-sexy schoolgirl. Someday an old pedofiliac teacher picked 18 and her lover. After having sex with them, the old pedofiliac guy transformed them into androids to improve their sex powers.They later rebelled due to a perceived lack of geriatric sex and killed their sex-master. Later they began a sexy-sadistic battle with the metrosexual Z warriors, and thanks to 18 sexy positions they won. The ugly Krillin was hiding (i.e. masturbating watching 18 and piccolo), so the sexy android kiss-fucked him.She was getting involved in various sex battles, until Cell ate her (out) to become metrosexual enough to beat Goku. Later Gohan freed her by killing Cell, she was so greatfull with him, that give her body to him, Gohan loses his virginity.The late years she married Krillin, and become having affairs with all the saiyans, and Bulma.

Android 18 Having Sexl


When she was having a lesbian relationship with Bulma, the later designed a device that will help 18 to absorb the power of the saiyans when she have sex with them. They will use this power to become sex-partners worthie of Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer. to make the 2 most powerful couples ever, and rule the world. They will later kill all the humans and repoblate the earth with perfect beigns.

Bulma and Chi-Chi don't trust their sons to keep the house intact, so they ask Eighteen to be a babysitter. Eighteen, having nothing else to do, agrees to their request. Turns out that having two hormone-filled Saiyans barely into adulthood along with a beautiful but bored woman in the same house ends up with fucking. Lots and lots of fucking.

Android 18 was originally known as Lazuli. She and her twin brother Lapis, later known as Android 17,[1] were converted into androids by Dr. Gero. Dr. Gero wanted to use the pair as part of his attempt at taking the life of Goku following the latter's defeat of the Red Ribbon Army.[2] Though she had cybernetics implanted into her, they do not impede her of reproducing, so she still has her reproductive organs.[3] She remained dormant for three years[4] prior to Dr. Gero, by then known as Android 20 after having converted himself to an android, appeared alongside Android 19.[5]

Dr. Gero related what had occurred, including that Android 19 had been destroyed. Both Androids 18 and 17 dismissed the fallen android as a joke and Android 18 furthered that it had proven to be one from being destroyed, though Dr. Gero warned the same fate would befall them since the Z-Fighters were outside of the laboratory and were having little success getting inside, expressing their frustration loudly, prompting Android 18 to remark that they were loud. Vegeta arrived alongside Future Trunks and despite the latter requesting that he not do so, blew down the door, allowing both the androids and the Z-Fighters to get their first view of each other, Android 18 remarking to Dr. Gero that he had a "whole hot mess" of them there. Dr. Gero tasked her and her brother with dispatching of the group, leading Android 18 to express her belief that she would need some assistance in doing so. Android 18 walked to Android's 16 pod, surprised that Gero had built a "ginger android" and acknowledged there was a soulless joke to be made there but felt it was beneath her. Dr. Gero called on her to stop disobeying him and in doing so aroused Android 17's frustrations regarding him trying to control the pair. After Android 17 started to betray Dr. Gero by grabbing his remote and crushing it, Android 18 asked him playfully if his hand had malfunctioned. Android 17 impaled Dr. Gero with his hand and in doing so, the chances of both he and his sister being deactivated again deceased significantly.[2]

After Android 17 destroyed Gero, Future Trunks destroyed Dr. Gero's laboratory with what he claimed was his most powerful blast, though the androids managed to survive unscathed. Once the smoke cleared, Androids 18 and 17 were visible to the Z-Fighters once again. Though Android 17 was interested in speaking over what could possibly have Future Trunks so angry, as he heard him talking to the others from the sky, Android 18 was disinterested and proceeded to open the pod, which tried to inform her that there were updates that needed to be made, but being impatient, 18 quickly removed the lid, dismissing the updates by saying "screw that", before they could be installed. After becoming acquainted with her fellow android, who's sole goal to kill Goku contributed to their beliefs that Gero had a one-track mind, 18 and 17 decided to help him and flew off with their new acquaintance. Android 17 stated that they needed a car, to which Android 18 questioned the necessity of having one.

After Vegeta reverted to his base form, Android 17 noticed his change in hair color from blonde to black, leading Android 18 to make reference to when Android 17 changed his hair color by remarking that Vegeta did not need a bottle whereas he did. Android 17 argued that he wore it better, but Android 18 was convinced he only changed it due to people mistaking him for her. After 17 questioned if that made him feminine or her masculine, 18 retorted that he spoke like Vegeta fought. They turned their attention to Krillin once he made a sound and walked over to him, after which he tried to reason with them as to why they should not fight him though the pair had no intention of doing so. Android 18 commented that he was funny and after Krillin expressed his intent to continue standing there and doing nothing, she replied that it sounded good and that she and the other androids were going to go kill Goku before they started to walk away.

Krillin attempted to stop the three of them, despite everyone present knowing he has nowhere near the power needed to do so. He reasoned that the group did not have to kill Goku since they could go against their programming as evidenced by Android 17 killing Dr. Gero, to which Android 16 insisted they should still do it since he wanted to and Android 17 agreed to it. Following this, Krillin, albeit with a touch of fear, swore that he would be forced to stop the androids. In response, Android 18 kissed Krillin on the cheek and called him cute, telling him to have fun living "to not fight another day." 17 asked if she was attracted to Krillin, she stated societal definitions of beauty (which Krillin doesn't quite meet) "are BS anyway." When her brother suggested she could make their parents angry by dating a black guy, Android 18 replied, "Oh my god" and again when he claimed they were deceased.[8]

After the fight with the Z-Fighters, the androids flew around and found a vehicle as Android 17 had wanted, though it was not to his liking. Android 18 made a remark that prompted him to acquire the vehicle, Android 18 standing aside while Android 16 assisted Android 17 in acquiring the van. Following the heist, Android 18 asserted that the trio's first priority was to get her new clothing, as opposed to finding Goku. When the trio's vehicle was reported as stolen, 17 stopped at the pestering of a pair of police officers. 18 expressed surprise that he actually stopped and the duo of officers began arresting the trio when the androids started to show signs of their immense strength, in particular Android 16 easily breaking the cuffs.

The androids arrived at Kame House, where they were confronted by Piccolo, Krillin, Tien Shinhan and Yamcha. Krillin asked Android 18 if she came there often, to which she replied, "Nope." Android 17 threatened Piccolo and the latter seemed oblivious to what his intent was when he insinuated something would happen to him if he did not reveal where Goku was, leading Android 18 to then blurted out that they would kill him, expressing frustration as well.[12] The three then left with Piccolo, arriving at a wasteland as latter began fighting Android 17 while Androids 18 and 16 served as spectators. 18 chose to sit it out after 17 suggested that he be the one to combat the Namekian, leaving her to spend time with 16. As Android 17 and Piccolo fought in a battle that amounted to trading punches to the gut, Android 18 showed her disapproval for the battle, calling it "stupid" and correctly guessed that 16 would enjoy killing Goku when he mentioned it.[13]

Cell arrived sometime into the skirmish, being unfamiliar to the androids who Dr. Gero had never told them of and calling Android 18 his "sister", started to poke out his tongue and move it around, disturbing Android 18 who shouted an obscenity in response to seeing him do so. He spoke of his past, being ominous and further requiring Piccolo to state that Cell was from the future and then began powering up as Android 18 called for the distracted Androids 17 and 16 to focus. Cell powered up, revealing that his strength had doubled and was beyond that of either Piccolo or Androids 17 and 18, essentially making everyone there vulnerable as Piccolo was soon to realize tough the androids did not since they could not sense power levels. When Cell brought up his past defeat of an entire bat-and-ball team at the same time, calling for Piccolo to tell Android 17 about it, Android 18 asked if he was kidding. After Piccolo confirmed he was not, she showed she was not impressed. The fight between Piccolo and Android 17 and Cell waged on due to the pair not being able to defeat him.

Placing her hand on her chest, she intended to detonate her bomb, though Cell thought she was giving herself a "boob exam" and she had to correct him multiple times as he made joke of her threat to blow herself up activating the bomb in her chest, saying it was serious. Cell tried to convince her not to do it by having Android 17 to appear from him and convince her that she was doing the wrong thing, though Android 18 was quick to realize that the reflection of her brother was not actually him but just an image Cell had perpetuated to convince her of justifying his wrongdoings and was so surprised by how out of character he had assessed her brother that she asked him if he even knew anything about them. Android 18 was frustrated by him admitting he had just met her, as she told him that his plan to absorb her was not a game, though he claimed it was as he moved in to absorb her only to be interrupted by Tien. Tien had come to the island after being frustrated by not having gone with Piccolo and feeling helpless in the conflict with the androids. Though the latter was mocked by Cell for being only human, he was able to strike him down with his Shin Kikōhō. Android 18, through not hit by the blast, was knocked down and went over to Android 16 as she agreed to go along with Tien's plan to either blow up or leave as he stalled Cell, being surprised by him addressing her in the first place. She helped Android 16 and informed him that Android 17 was gone when he asked where he was, the pair relating on the fact that they were sad. The two left the island while Tien continued to use his Shin Kikōhō to stall Cell.[15]


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