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Waylon Allen
Waylon Allen

How to Master 3DESIGN CAD V8 40 in 30 Days: Tips and Tricks for Beginners and Experts

in 2004, platinum jewelers was asked to design a custom piece of jewelry for a gentleman who was making a donation to his local country club. the piece was a return of their diamonds are forever promotion. each year for over 100 years this same group of women had been collecting diamond jewelry, with all of the proceeds going to breast cancer research. despite the diamonds being only donated as a return of the purchase, each of the 80 ladies at the country club did a present day original design, and the donation was completed. the three women who did the most ambitious designs have been giving this particular piece of jewelry to the country club members for more than 50 years.



designing onscreen graphics is the most labor-intensive part of our custom design process. the unique and creative part comes into play when the first image is created and sent to the artist. the artist usually works in clay and is responsible for sculpting that first image. that first image will serve as a road map for the next few weeks leading up to the manufacturing stage.

it is one thing to sketch a concept in clay, it is another to bring the idea into cad and bring the lines to life. our designers have been using the same 3design caddialogue since the beginning, and it has worked very well for them over the past few years.

once the first design has been established, the next is the software. we always recommend using the industry standard software available. these tools have proven their value and are very reliable. adobe illustrator, coreldraw, and autocad are great tools to get the basics done. we can not stress enough the importance of understanding your design in these programs, so that when you bring it into 3design, it makes sense and feel right. 3design is not a replacement for the above mentioned programs, it is the computer version of your computer art software and can work very well with these existing programs and adds another level of realism.


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