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Buying A Home In Ecuador

As with many U.S. locations, taxes in Ecuador are based on the municipal value (assessed value), which tends to be about 2% to 2.5% of the purchase price (market value). This amount depends on the province and canton in which the property is located. Ecuador is divided into 22 provinces, which are split into 205 cantons). Different levies apply for rural property and urban property. For example, tax records currently show a rural house costing $34,000 that has a municipal value of $250, while an urban home costing $170,000 has a value of $4,250.

buying a home in ecuador

When looking to purchase a home in Ecuador, one particular danger area is the purchase of derechos y acciones, or rights and shares to a property, instead of cuerpo cierto, which is an outright sale. Derechos y acciones are the rights granted to heirs when a property owner dies without a will. This is quite common in Ecuador, and makes for an extremely risky purchase. Unless you can verify that all heirs are accounted for prior to the sale (and then complete the sale cuerpo cierto), you should avoid this type of purchase, because you may subsequently be open to claims from people who believe themselves heirs.

Thinking about investing in the real estate market in Ecuador? In this post, Jesse Bayer of Abundant Living Ecuador, shares tips for expats buying property in Ecuador. Bio at end of post.

See as much as you can: Related to the due diligence process, it is important that you see enough property that you are confident you understand both the value and characteristics/parameters of what you are buying.

If you are buying real estate in Ecuador, you are doing business in a foreign country. This means that it is more important to ensure that you make good decisions than if you were operating in a place you are more familiar with.

This may seem obvious and is certainly true everywhere, not just Ecuador, but buying sight unseen (depending on the specific circumstances) is a surefire way to open yourself up to the possibility of being disappointed with your purchase and potentially even defrauded.

I want to sell my apartment in the 2nd floor, has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 storage, 1 parking place, 1 office, living room, dinning room and kitchen, open space. beautiful. just i do not go to ecuador enough to keep it.How can i go about it to sell it. everything is in order.sandra

Hi JessieMy father recently passed away and left my sister and I (americans) and 3 half sisters (ecuadorians) land in downtown Cuenca. Do you know of a reputable real estate lawyer that speaks english in Cuenca?My half sisters are not necessarily cooperating :)Anything I should lookout for in transferring the land to the 5 decedents or owning land in general in downtown Cuenca?ThanksGus

@Arturo Blondet,I am not familiar with Gold Coast realtor, however I would recommendGerald Brokate at Ecuador properties.My wife and I recently (Dec 2020 ) purchased a lot to build our home in Olonafter looking at several lots with different real estate agents.We plan to move from our home in Canada and retire in Olon Ecuador byEnd of this year.If you need any more information, please reach out to meat you all the best..Phil

Quito, the capital, has a wide range of rental options, depending on which neighbourhood you would like to live in. A two-bedroom apartment in Carcelen may cost around $300 per month. A four-bedroom apartment in the more upmarket Gonzalo Suarez might cost closer to $1,200 per month. Cuenca, in the south of the country, is much cheaper, and a family home there can be rented for around $300 per month.

Live the Life wants to make your home buying process easier and we are ready to discuss the financing options available to you! If you have questions or would simply like to discuss our services some more, get in touch with us today!

I saw an episode of "House Hunters International" the other day featuring someone buying their vacation home in Ecuador. They were lovin every minute of it. People need to remember these 3rd world countries can go from semi democracies to dictatorships in a heart beat. Mexico and south can be extremely dangerous.

How about east ny, brooklyn? Its sad how americans call other nations under developed, thirld world countries. Best doctors are not in the US...but Cuba, thats "third world" Cuba. Ecuador is a rich country in that, ecuador has oil reserves, gold and that commodity that americans love, cocaine.

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If you have any questions regarding the topic(s) covered in this article, or simply want more detailed information about IRA Administrators, IRA Custodians, or suitable investment options, within Ecuador, for an IRA portfolio, please contact: Hector G. Quintana, email:, or call +1.786.220.4987 (global).

The country is also home to a growing tech industry, and the innovation sector is among a range of significant and untapped business opportunities, for which you will need to meet Ecuador investment visa requirements if you wish to take advantage of them.

Correa has filed several criminal and civil defamation cases against critical journalists in recent years. In 2013, a judge imposed 18-month prison sentences on opposition assembly member Cléver Jiménez and journalist Fernando Villavicencio, and a reduced sentence of six months on activist Carlos Figueroa, for allegedly defaming the president. The court also ordered a published apology to Correa and $140,000 in compensation. In December of that year, police seized computers from the homes of both Jiménez and Villavicencio; Correa publicly admitted that he had ordered the searches. The prison sentences were upheld on appeal in March 2014, and arrest warrants were issued for the defendants. Figueroa was arrested in July and began serving his sentence, while Jiménez and Villavicencio went into hiding.

SUPERCOM became involved in a high-profile case in January 2014, after the independent daily El Universo published a cartoon in December satirizing the government's recent search of Villavicencio's home, prompting Correa to call the cartoonist, Xavier Bonilla (Bonil), an "ink assassin" in a televised speech. In late January, SUPERCOM determined that El Universo had violated Article 25 of the Communication Law, which prohibits media from taking a position on the guilt or innocence of people involved in lawsuits. The paper was fined 2 percent of its revenue for the previous three months, and was given 72 hours to run a correction.

Ownership concentration within the private media is a problem. In December 2014, it was reported that Mexican media mogul Remigio Ángel González was buying El Comercio, Ecuador's oldest and most recognized newspaper. González already owned 13 television channels and radio stations in Ecuador and was expected to change the editorial tone of El Comercio, which has been critical of the government. Foreign ownership of communication outlets was initially illegal under the Communication Law, but Correa passed an implementing regulation in late 2013 that revised the relevant article and allowed foreigners from countries that had signed certain cooperative agreements with Ecuador to own national media. Journalists and outside watchdog groups expressed concern that the sale of El Comercio would further limit media diversity.

French Football Federation president Noel Le Graet has joined Deschamps in trying to quell rising expectations back home, saying Sunday that "things are going quicker than I'd imagined. I think a bit too quickly and there's a little bit of excess."

Even if we only spend a small percentage of our pocket money on food, each of us is almost certainly feeling the increase in food prices to some extent. Is there anything we can do about it? In most cases, definitely yes. If we are inclined to let someone outside our home do the cooking for us, we have, staring us in the face, one instance where a lot of money can be saved. Even if we buy ready-made food to eat at home, we are spending much too much money. When my wife and I have a nice dinner out, it is not uncommon for us to spend as much on one meal as it costs to eat at home for two or three weeks. If we do not entertain, our groceries for a typical week will cost about $75. How can we do it so inexpensively? 041b061a72


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