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Gaana Music - India's Favourite Music Streaming App

Gaana (or Gānā) is a genre of Tamil music, which is sung in the Madras Bashai dialect of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.[1][2] It is rap-like "collection of rhythms, beats and sensibilities native to the Madras people."[2] It evolved over the past two centuries, with influences ranging from the siddhars (tantric adepts) of ancient Tamilakam to rural Tamil folk music to Tamil sufi mystics.[2] Its popularity rose when it was brought to the music of the mainstream Tamil film industry.[2] Contemporary gaana bands are bringing the genre to new audiences while using it for social activism, especially against caste discrimination.[2]

The genre arose in the slums and burial grounds of Madras.[2] Gaana singers have performed in the city for the past two centuries.[2] The art form can trace its descent from the siddhars (tantric adepts) of ancient Tamilakam, to the compositions of early nineteenth-century Tamil Muslim Sufi mystic Kunangudi Masthan Sahib, to Samuel Vedanayagam Pillai, popularly known as the first Tamil novelist.[2][3] Kunangudi Masthan Sahib's songs are still sung by gaana singers today.[2] Other strands of influence come from migrants from rural Tamil Nadu.[2]

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With the arrival of recording technology, gaana artists have been able to record their songs for posterity and earn income from them.[2] In the 1990s, Tamil film composers brought gaana-inspired songs to movies.[2] Composer Deva was instrumental in bringing gaana to blockbusters like Kadhal Kottai; his songs are still popular today.[4][5][6] This newfound exposure led to the genre's popularity in college campuses.[2] The genre's spread to campuses has led to criticism from gaana singers that its essence, "angst and melancholy" based in life's struggles, had been replaced by "themes of fun and romance."[2]

Scholars like V. Ramakrishnan of the Government Arts College, Ponneri, map twenty types of gaana songs.[7] Other song types include those that glorify local heroes.[7] The most famous of those is about Alththota Bhupathi, a poor worker.[7] At times, the genre has been known to have sexual innuendo and misogyny, but many popular gaana singers reject these themes.[2][6]

Gaana songs are performed at weddings, stage shows, political rallies, and funerals.[7][8] There are more than 500 performers in Chennai who earn their living from these events.[7] In 2016, around one hundred gaana performers formed the South Indian Gana Singers Association to promote the art form, earn respect for their art, and prevent their work from being stolen.[2][6] An earlier association, the Tamil Nadu Gana Artists Association was formed in 2007 and had 750 members as of 2012.[7]

Gaana has been a vehicle for social activism. In 2018, a band of gaana artists was brought together by Pa. Ranjith, an Ambedkarite film-maker, to form The Casteless Collective.[2] They sing against caste discrimination, about Ambedkar, the small joys of living in poverty in Chennai, and even have a lesbian song in their repertoire.[2] Artists have also used gaana songs to transmit information like COVID-19 health guidelines in an easily-accessible form.[9]

Though the major gaana artists are men, and gaana songs are usually written from a male viewpoint, women gaana artists are seeing increasing recognition.[7] Isaivani, a member of The Casteless Collective, was recognised for her pioneering women's involvement in the genre with one of the BBC 100 Women Awards.[10]

Gaana is India's largest commercial music streaming service with over 200 million monthly users. It was launched in April 2010 by Times Internet and provides both Indian and international music content. The entire Indian music catalog was available to users worldwide however recently the music library is restricted based on geolocation of subscribers. Post this the music catalog is severely limited for subscribers outside India. Gaana features music from 21 Indian languages including the major languages such as Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Urdu, Odia, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Maithili, Malayalam and other Indian regional languages.[2]

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gaana music Wedding songs formed a partnership in February 2013 with South Indian Music Companies Association to acquire rights to music from 79 different labels. Consequently, had access to more than 45+ million songs. Gaana generates an annual revenue of US$5 million for Times Internet.

With performances from the biggest names in the Indian Music Industry, Gaana Music Festival is the biggest Indian Music Festival in the US! The two-day event brings together Indian Music's biggest stars for over ten hours of live music and entertainment!

Thanks for coming back to us. What is the response of your speaker when you try to play music from Gaana? Are you able to play music from Gaana app itself? Also, are you having issues casting it to your speaker?

I'm not the OP, but when i say "play music on gaana" which is what i used to always say, now it just acknowledges that, and then just silence. Yes, music works on the gaana app on the phone, and that audio can be cast. But then, that defeats the purpose of the nest vs. generic Bluetooth speaker. I'm not sure if the problem is at Google's end or Gaana's but the reason i bought a year's subscription is because Gaana is listed in the music services on Google Home. If it isn't supported it should be removed from Google Home.

We're sorry for the inconvenience that it has caused you. No worries, I'll make sure to let the team know about this. For the meantime, could you please check if other music service works on your end?

Google has just launched English support in India, but that's not all. It's also rolling out support for a few region-specific music services. Users of Saavn and Gaana can plug their accounts into Home and make them a default music streaming service. It only takes a few taps.

Saavn and Gaana are both popular services in India, but they're available to users worldwide. They both seem to focus on regional Indian music, but there's international content as well. I haven't used either one, but that is my impression. They both have free service versions that work with Google Home. They've got premium services as well.

To add Saavn or Gaana, open your Assistant settings, and scroll down to "Music." Just link your account and Assistant will be able to access your music. Make sure to select Saavn or Gaana as your default if you have shared Home devices.

YouTube Music is a music streaming service. It provides a tailored interface for the service that is oriented towards music streaming, allowing users to browse through music videos on YouTube based on genres, playlists, and recommendations.

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Big changes are afoot at Indian music streaming service Gaana, which is shutting down its free tier in order to focus purely on paid subscriptions. However, according to Reuters, which has seen an email sent to music partners by the company, the shift does not appear to be coming from a position of strength.

We all know that when we can go traveling it can be a lot of fun. But, we also know that good music can totally brighten up our days! You may not be the type of person who downloads songs or creates a number of playlists. Perhaps you just like to go with the flow and pick music that sounds great and then listen to those songs over and over again. If this sounds like you, then you need to read this Gaana review!

Moreover, you can create short videos/stories with the Gaana HotShots Video feature and appreciate podcasts and shows like Ummeed, Ramayana, and Kadhai Ponniyin Selvan. You can also listen to music from Guru Randhawa, Rafi and Alka Yagnik to name a few. As well as English tracks from artists such as Ariana Grande, Jonas Brothers, Ed Sheeran, Eminem, and Justin Bieber.

With the app, discoverability has become a lot easier. Users can quickly select their choice of music with the help of the Personalised Music Feed at Search. The app tracks your listening history and prompts. Therefore saving you the hassle of browsing through the vast amount of songs.

Free streaming will be supported by ads but to eliminate these ads you need to subscribe to the premium service Gaana Plus. Which also provides extra features such as unlimited downloads and access to HD music.

The platform was introduced in 2007 and has acquired rights to more than 40 million music tracks in up to 15 different languages. It is available to use on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Web, and like Gaana, you can access it anywhere in the world.

Although Gaana and Distrokid are two completely different services, we felt like we needed to mention them! Gaana is a streaming platform and Distrokid is a music distribution service to get your music on other music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music.

DistroKid is a service for musicians that puts your music into online stores and streaming services. They distribute your song credits and liner notes to stores, which was the first time this had been available to musicians.

With the Gaana app, you can discover new and exciting music depending on your mood or liking through its discover section. Additionally, you can listen to curated playlists such as romantic songs, Ghazals, and more.

Gaana app also includes lots of key features such as listening to the radio, regular updates with new songs, multiple categories, thousands of playlists, and support multiple languages. It is an addictive music app for all ages.

Compared to this, all other music apps promise high quality music, ad-free streaming and letting you download unlimited music for offline listening. In terms of content, Apple leads the pack with 50 million tracks catalogued in its library, while JioSaavn claims to have over 45 million.


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