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Waylon Allen
Waylon Allen

GTA San Andreas Animation Mod Installation Tutorial: How to Use ModLoader and GTA Animation Manager

After a year of a long interrupted work (and with the temporarily stopped development of the whole new animation system for Grand Theft Auto IV, which I haven't started again yet), I decided to return to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas San Andreas Mod (mod's name will be changed to Old Gta Sa Anim. Mod later) and try to fix such bugs. The first step was to generate new range of animation keys (you can imagine a key as a number to which one of the animation parameters on any model is mapped), which can be applied to any model file to fix any bug in that model. The second step was to take some missions from the game (like an intermission mission, where you have to drive in a truck to where you don't know) and do the same thing in order to find all the bugs and inconsistencies in those models. The third and final step is to generate new animations for the models (to be applied later to all missions), especially for those bugs, which appear to be very rare: this mostly refers to such things as the out-of-line model parts (the breasts), the eyebrow rise, NPC faces, etc. And the last step - it's to create optimized maps, which are going to be your new fav missions!)

Gta Sa Animation Mod

There's nothing particularly interesting here as these are just reflection/half reflection angles with 4 points, which can be generated with the help of Linear equations. So, basically, the object consists of 4 points on the circle and you can rotate it - 360 degrees around that center point. Also, there is some precision when it comes to rotation. It's very important for some objects, especially in animations, e.g. the parrot nose.


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