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Watch Parampara in Hindi 720p - A Review of the 1993 Movie Starring Aamir Khan and Raveena Tandon

2012 Parampara Full Movie in Hindi 720p Download: A Review

If you are looking for a Bollywood movie that has action, comedy, drama, romance, and culture, then you might want to check out Parampara. This movie was released in 1993 and starred some of the most popular actors of that time, such as Vinod Khanna, Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Raveena Tandon, and Ashwini Bhave. It was directed by Yash Chopra, who is known for his epic love stories and musicals. In this article, we will review Parampara and tell you how you can watch it online or download it in Hindi with 720p quality.

2012 Parampara full movie in hindi 720p download

What is Parampara?

Parampara is a Hindi word that means tradition or lineage. It is also the title of a movie that revolves around the tradition of settling disputes by dueling with pistols. The movie is set in a remote region in India where two rival families have been fighting for generations. The movie follows the lives of Thakur Bhavani Singh (Vinod Khanna), his son Prithvi (Aamir Khan), and his grandsons Ranvir (Saif Ali Khan) and Pratap (Sunil Dutt). It also shows how their conflict affects their relationships with Gora Shankar (Anupam Kher), a gypsy clan leader, and his daughter Tara (Raveena Tandon), who falls in love with Prithvi.

The Plot of Parampara

The movie begins with a flashback scene where Thakur Bhavani Singh and Gora Shankar face each other in a pistol duel over a land dispute. Bhavani Singh wins the duel and claims the land as his own. Years later, Bhavani Singh's son Prithvi returns from London after completing his education. He meets Gora Shankar's son Gora (Neelam Kothari) and daughter Tara and befriends them. He also falls in love with Tara and decides to marry her against his father's wishes. However, Bhavani Singh has already arranged Prithvi's marriage with Rajeshwari b70169992d


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