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JCB 3CX Rental: How to Hire the Backhoe Loader for Short or Long Term Projects

JCB 3CX Satilir: A Guide to Buying and Selling the World's Leading Backhoe Loader

If you are looking for a versatile, powerful, and reliable construction machine, you might want to consider buying or selling a JCB 3CX backhoe loader. The JCB 3CX is the world's most popular backhoe loader, with more than half of the global market share. It combines superior strength, low ownership costs, exceptional serviceability, and enhanced comfort to create the ultimate general purpose construction machine. In this article, we will guide you through the features, benefits, models, and specifications of the JCB 3CX, as well as how to buy and sell one.

What is a JCB 3CX?

A backhoe loader is a type of construction equipment that consists of a tractor-like unit fitted with a loader-style bucket on the front and a backhoe on the rear. It can perform various tasks, such as digging, lifting, loading, grading, and road-building. A JCB 3CX is a specific model of backhoe loader manufactured by JCB, a British company that invented the backhoe in 1953. The JCB 3CX is designed to offer high productivity, performance, efficiency, and versatility in all kinds of applications and environments.

jcb 3cx satilir

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Features and benefits of the JCB 3CX

Some of the main features and benefits of the JCB 3CX are:

  • It has up to 45% greater loader breakout forces and nearly 25% greater excavator breakout forces than its closest competitor, making it the most productive machine in its class.

  • It has a standard torque proportioning front axle that delivers enhanced traction and performance and minimizes tire wear. It also has an automatic limited-slip differential in the rear axle that ensures maximum traction in the toughest conditions.

  • It has an equal-length boom and dipper that allow it to dig closer to the machine, reducing the need to reposition while trenching. It also has powerful slew forces that enable fast and controllable trench backfilling.

  • It has an innovative hydraulic system that uses a high-flow piston pump that improves fuel efficiency across the complete duty cycle. It also has smooth and responsive cycles that improve operator comfort and control.

  • It has a parallel-lift front loader that automatically adjusts the bucket level on both raise and lower cycles, without manual intervention from the operator. This improves visibility, accuracy, and safety while loading.

  • It has an inner-box-design Extradig feature that provides an extra 1.2 m of dig depth and reach. This increases its lift capacity and reduces the need for repositioning.

  • It has a high ground clearance of up to 340 mm and a 20-degree departure angle. This allows it to work easily on steep slopes and uneven ground, without damaging the underside.

  • It has a spacious and comfortable operator station that is available with either a canopy or a climate-controlled cab. It has ergonomic controls, suspension seats, lockable storage options, and a 12 V power source for personal devices.

  • It has a stress-relieved fabrication boom that is heated to over 650C to double its expected life. It also has hoses and cylinders that are protected from damage by guards or enclosures.

  • It comes with a standard 2-year/2,000-hour bucket-to-bucket transferable warranty that covers all major components.

Models Models and specifications of the JCB 3CX

The JCB 3CX has different models with different specifications, depending on the engine, transmission, bucket capacity, and other features. Here is a summary of some of the main models and their specifications:




Bucket Capacity

Dig Depth

3CX Eco

3.0L 55kW

Powershift 4F/4R



3CX Plus

4.8L 81kW

Powershift 4F/4R



3CX Pro

4.8L 81kW

Powershift 6F/3R with Autoshift




JCB engine with 68.5kW

Powershift 4F/4R with Autoshift and Torque Lockup Converter




You can find more details about each model and their specifications on the official JCB website or by contacting a JCB dealer near you.

How to buy a JCB 3CX?

If you are interested in buying a JCB 3CX, you need to consider some factors before making your decision. Here are some tips on how to buy a JCB 3CX:

Factors to consider before buying a JCB 3CX

Some of the factors that you should consider before buying a JCB 3CX are:

  • Your budget: The price of a new JCB 3CX can vary depending on the model, features, and options that you choose. You can also find used or refurbished JCB 3CXs for sale at lower prices, but you need to check their condition and history carefully.

  • Your needs: The JCB 3CX is a versatile machine that can perform various tasks, but you need to determine what kind of work you will use it for and how often. You also need to consider the size, weight, and power of the machine, as well as the terrain and environment that you will operate it in.

  • Your preferences: The JCB 3CX has different models with different specifications, as well as various options and attachments that you can choose from. You need to decide what features and benefits are important for you, such as fuel efficiency, productivity, comfort, serviceability, warranty, etc.

  • Your location: The availability and accessibility of a JCB 3CX can depend on your location and the market demand. You need to check if there are any local dealers or distributors that sell or rent JCB 3CXs in your area, or if you need to order online or from another country.

Where to advertise a JCB 3CX for sale?

There are several ways to advertise a JCB 3CX for sale, such as:

  • Posting an ad on the official JCB website and using the sell your machine tool to reach a global network of buyers. You can also access the JCB trade-in program and get a valuation for your machine.

  • Posting an ad on online platforms and websites that specialize in selling or renting construction equipment, such as Machinery Trader, IronPlanet, Mascus, etc. You can upload photos, videos, and descriptions of your machine and reach a large audience of potential buyers.

  • Posting an ad on local classified ads, newspapers, magazines, or bulletin boards that may have listings of JCB 3CXs for sale by private owners or dealers. You can also use social media, word-of-mouth, or referrals to spread the word about your machine.

  • Participating in auctions or trade shows that may have JCB 3CXs for sale or display. You can showcase your machine to interested buyers and get competitive bids or offers.

How to prepare a JCB 3CX for sale?

Once you have decided to sell your JCB 3CX, you need to prepare it for sale. Here are some tips on how to do that:

jcb 3cx backhoe loader price

jcb 3cx super for sale

jcb 3cx service manual pdf

jcb 3cx dig depth

jcb 3cx fuel consumption

jcb 3cx parts catalog

jcb 3cx bucket capacity

jcb 3cx engine specifications

jcb 3cx hydraulic pump

jcb 3cx operator training

jcb 3cx warranty period

jcb 3cx loader breakout force

jcb 3cx excavator breakout force

jcb 3cx transmission problems

jcb 3cx joystick controls

jcb 3cx cab options

jcb 3cx stabilizer legs

jcb 3cx extradig feature

jcb 3cx parallel lift system

jcb 3cx four wheel steer

jcb 3cx limited slip differential

jcb 3cx torque converter

jcb 3cx autoshift gearbox

jcb 3cx front windshield heater

jcb 3cx suspension seat

jcb 3cx ground clearance

jcb 3cx departure angle

jcb 3cx boom and dipper length

jcb 3cx slew force

jcb 3cx lift capacity

jcb 3cx backhoe bucket size

jcb 3cx front loader bucket size

jcb 3cx tire size and pressure

jcb 3cx steering modes and angles

jcb 3cx travel speed and range

jcb 3cx fuel tank capacity and type

jcb 3cx hydraulic oil capacity and type

jcb 3cx engine oil capacity and type

jcb 3cx coolant capacity and type

jcb 3cx grease points and intervals

jcb 3cx air filter replacement and cleaning

jcb 3cx battery location and maintenance

jcb 3cx alternator output and voltage regulator

jcb 3cx starter motor location and replacement

jcb 3cx instrument panel and warning lights

jcb 3cx horn and lights switch

jcb 3cx power source for personal devices

jcb 3cx lockable storage compartments

jcb 3cx hoses protection and routing

jcb 3cx stress-relieved boom fabrication

  • Clean and service your machine: You need to make sure that your machine is clean, functional, and safe. You should wash and polish the exterior, clean and sanitize the interior, change the oil and filters, check the tires and brakes, and fix any minor issues or defects.

  • Gather and organize your documents: You need to have all the relevant documents and records for your machine, such as the title, registration, warranty, service history, manuals, etc. You should also have a bill of sale ready to sign when you finalize the deal.

  • Take good photos and videos: You need to take high-quality photos and videos of your machine from different angles and perspectives. You should highlight the features and benefits of your machine, as well as any flaws or damages. You should also include a video of your machine in action, showing its performance and capabilities.



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