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Waylon Allen

Dragon Age Origins Camera Mod Fixed

silverthornne posted...I don't see the problem with the DA camera - you want to pan it? Just move your mouse cursor past the screen edges in tactical view and it will pan. There's a limit, yes, but that's why you also have rogues that can stealth, allowing you to go undetected and move further. I don't know; I just do the rogue stealth all the time and pan the camera around by moving the cursor to the edges of the screen and I can do tactical planning without issues. My only complaint about the camera being that it doesn't do fog of war, which would be kind of cool.

Dragon Age Origins Camera Mod

Download Zip:

There has been a lot of discussion about mods (PC version, anyway) that can modify the camera angles and distances, but to my knowledge there has yet to be one created that successfully changes those.

  • Dragon Age Origins Camera Mod Mod After Starting

Dragon Age Origins Camera Mod Mod After StartingI have made this mod after starting Dragon Age Origins and realised it has no option to toggle camera movement or object highlights.

Some of the other tweaks and cheats included with this mod are disabling camera auto-adjust, increasing Spirit Emblem capacity on prosthetic upgrades, disabling death penalties, and even making your character twice as fast.

Also, if you don't feel like typing in numbers, holding down CTRL + the right click button (on your mouse) and moving forward/backwards will zoom in and out. Moving it left to right will turn the camera around the head. CTRL + the left click button seems to give your free movement around the entire plane.

6. Remember how I told you to play through the game first to save it when you first got the chance to? Well, now we're going into the save information of that file and putting your face you made in the toolset on the character. Close the face you had been working on. I AM DOING THIS FOR MY CHARACTER FLAEMARU SO ANYWHERE YOU SEE HER NAME, JUST SUBTITUTE IT WITH THE NAME OF THE CHARACTER WHOSE FACE YOU'RE CHANGING. Then, go to File->Open File->owner->documents->bioware->dragonage->characters->Flaemaru->Saves(Since I know how to do this I only has one save for her, but pick the save you want to change)->Slot_1->Flaemaru.das

I decided to give a hand into modding and I always wanted to have a more immersive experience with Grim Dawn. After fiddling a bit with the camera settings of the game, voila, I made a small and simple mod called Third Person Camera.

Well, it allows you to play with a very close in zoom for a more immersive experience. Grim dawn has a lot of interesting details that escape the eyes with the far away camera, but with the close in one, you can experience those details. Also works great to play with controller!!!

Oh ho, no problem, it can be played with keyboard and mouse as well without any problems, I also recomend the GDAutocaster for a more smooth keyboard and mouse experience. It is not required to play but it makes the camera auto rotate following your mouse clicks. It is all thanks to this person:

That camera rotation is automatic? Looks really sweet.I play with a controller and the camera rotation is assigned to the right analog stick and it works wonders, but that auto camera rotation looks really smooth. Feel free to publish this.

If the issue is the super closeness, I could try to release a version that has the closeness but also allows normal camera play for grimarillion or anyone else who would like to merge the mods. I did not do that at first because in my first experiments with Grim Cam, it seemed that having more camera positions available made the fps drop overall, so I locked close in for better fps.

This simple mod really does literally give a new perspective on the game.I not only intend to play with this much more, but it is also going to lead me to learning how to merge mods, so I can play with this camera angle with other content.Thank you for making this mod.

You need to enable NumLock on Your keyboard. Depends on regional keyobard settings. In my case:INS - enable free camera DEL - toggle HUD HOME - freeze time PAGE UP/ PAGE DOWN - this changes the field of wiev (angle) which results with zoom. Default setting in Cinematic Tool is -1. If You mess up with that, You can reset it by changing it to -1 again (note: even when You use PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN the value in Cinematic Tool will not change; I usually change it manually to -2, than back to -1 again)Num lock numbers are for operating (moving) camera: 7/9 - up/down 4/6 - left/right 5/8 - closer/further 1/3 - tilt left/right Arrows are for rotating camera.

For nice portrait zoom camera to the character face using mostly PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN keys. Moving camera just with move controls (4/6 5/8) will result with deformated features, because the FOV is still wide.


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