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There\u2019s a lot that\u2019s impossible to know about this short LP because the information simply isn\u2019t present. First of which, where these recordings were made and who made them. You can work out that at least some of these recordings of birds come from France, simply because a parrot can be heard repeating a person saying \u201Cbonjour, coco\u201D on one of the tracks. If these recordings were made for research or pleasure, the packaging doesn\u2019t say. The date of release isn\u2019t even possible to figure out, with the year of 1955 listed on Discogs being nothing more than an estimate based on adjacent releases in the La Voix De Son Ma\u00EEtre catalog. I don\u2019t even know where the LP came from\u2014some guy on a torrent site found it by chance and ripped it, knowing nothing of its provenance himself. I held on to these files for years not only because they\u2019re pretty, but because I think these moments in time are worth preserving. I became protective of this record because someone decided to preserve its contents on a whim, and because everyone else that downloaded it almost surely forgot about it. I can\u2019t tell you a thing about why it should matter, and that\u2019s why it matters so much to me. \u2014Shy Thompson

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Otherwise, however, the album delivers on its title\u2019s promise: we do hear plenty of water, and plenty of tape. Things bubble and splash; recorded waves and thunderstorms cut in and out abruptly. There are other rattles and bangs, looped and spliced and rearranged in all manner of ways. Occasionally, some marimba, gongs or bells sneak in, but they do not sound played, exactly. Rather, they have an icy, almost mechanical precision, which only accentuates the music\u2019s alien feeling. I wish I could tell you more about this strange artefact, but I can say this much: you won\u2019t hear anything else quite like it. \u2014Mark Cutler

The opening sets the tone for the rest of the album. Most of the performed music consists of unidentifiable abrasion: things that scrape, bang, rattle and sputter. Through this weave equally opaque field recordings of rummaging, banging, wind blowing and water dripping. Nothing sounds natural; rather, Youngs plays explicitly with layers of recorded sound, creating juxtapositions which shouldn\u2019t coexist in physical space. Whereas it is easy to imagine Youngs recording many of his cozier, avant-folk albums from the comfort of his Scotland home, nothing here calls to mind any house I\u2019d want to visit. Rather, it sounds like walking through a deserted, apocalyptic landscape\u2014a seaside town, perhaps, ice cold and pitch-dark, because the smoke has blotted out the sun. \u2014Mark Cutler

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