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In the movie, the song ends on the first verse, the full version of the song on the soundtrack album notes that others don't understand why a mother and child who are so different can love each other. When destiny calls, the child is told he must be strong even if the parent is not with him. The song is one of only two songs within Disney's Tarzan to have a part performed by an actual character (the other being "Trashin' the Camp" which the character's role in the song can be classified as scat singing). The rest of the songs were performed by Collins himself and overlaid into the movie. The full song is finally played all together during the end credits.

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"Mr. Fenley was shot dead on his own doorstep," continued Eliza. Shegave proper emphasis to the concluding words. That a man should bemurdered "on his own doorstep" was a feature of the crime thatenhanced the tragedy in the public mind. The shooting was bad enoughin itself, for rural England is happily free from such horrors; butswift and brutal death dealt out on one's own doorstep was a thing atonce monstrous and awe-compelling. [Pg 118]Eliza, perhaps, wondered why Mr.Trenholme flushed, but she fully understood the sudden blanching ofhis face at her tidings, for all Roxton was shaken to its foundationswhen the facts slowly percolated in that direction.

The mild radiance of the torch showed that the detective's face waswhite with fury and his eyes gleaming red. To think that a danglingrope's end should have spoiled his finest capture, undone a flawlesspiece of imaginative reasoning which his own full record had neverbefore equaled! It was humiliating, maddening. No wonder the policementhought him crazy!


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