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RARE LEAK 21.rar

Disappointingly, many other media articles appear to have accepted and repeated the claims from the WSJ piece. The origin of Sars-CoV-2 may remain unresolved, but there is no evidence presented in the WSJ piece that scientifically supports the concept of a lab leak of a genetically engineered virus.

RARE LEAK 21.rar

Eight other rare gene rearrangements have been described in APL fusing RARA to promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger (PLZF),[10] nucleophosmin, nuclear matrix associated, signal transducer and activator of transcription 5b (STAT5B), protein kinase A regulatory subunit 1α (PRKAR1A), factor interacting with PAPOLA and CPSF1 (FIP1L1), BCL-6 corepressor or oligonucleotide/oligosaccharide-binding fold containing 2A (NABP1) genes. Some of these rearrangements are ATRA-sensitive or have unknown sensitivity to ATRA because they are so rare; STAT5B/RARA and PLZF/RARA are known to be resistant to ATRA.[3]

Acute promyelocytic leukemia can be distinguished from other types of AML based on microscopic examination of the blood film or a bone marrow aspirate or biopsy as well as finding the characteristic rearrangement. The presence of promyelocytes containing multiple Auer rods (termed faggot cells) on the peripheral blood smear is highly suggestive of acute promyelocytic leukemia. Definitive diagnosis requires testing for the PML/RARA fusion gene. This may be done by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), fluorescence in situ hybridization, or conventional cytogenetics of peripheral blood or bone marrow. This mutation involves a translocation of the long arm of chromosomes 15 and 17. On rare occasions, a cryptic translocation may occur which cannot be detected by cytogenetic testing; on these occasions PCR testing is essential to confirm the diagnosis.[3]

ATRA therapy is associated with the unique side effect of differentiation syndrome.[14] This is associated with the development of dyspnea, fever, weight gain, peripheral edema and is treated with dexamethasone.[15] The etiology of retinoic acid syndrome has been attributed to capillary leak syndrome from cytokine release from the differentiating promyelocytes.[15]

The earliest known date associated with the breach is March 13th, 2018; this is the modified date for every folder in the September 2nd leak's files. The build of the second archive in the October 21st leak was also made on the same day. The last known date associated with the breach is May 25th, 2018; a build of Pokemon Sword from this date was leaked in October 2020.

While the contents of the breach have not been released publicly in full, a number of files from the breach have been gradually leaked to the public since it occurred, ranging from the initial release in April 2018 up to December 2020. While the initial releases were done by Zammis himself, Zammis disappeared from the Internet (presumably due to prosecution by law enforcement) in late 2018 before news reports were released in early 2019 stating that he had been arrested for the breach. Reportedly, he was not incarcerated due to concerns over his autism making him a potential target while in prison.

Even though Zammis has been arrested and is presumably no longer allowed to access the Internet unsupervised, files from his breach continue to be leaked to the public (primarily on 4chan), implying that Zammis gave out data to a number of individuals prior to his arrest who are now slowly distributing it to the public.

This was the very beginning of the Nintendo data leaks. Things including undiscovered Pokemon demos, debug ROMs, data from the 80s and 90s, and more data would be released during this period. Some of the most important leaks, the "Holy Grails" of rare gaming data also happened during this period.

Said file, the official Game Boy emulator, and the debug build of Pokemon Gold was later found in the Gold/Silver/Crystal source code leak. The internal Game Boy manual was also found in the Gigaleak and the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl prototype was able to be compiled from the Gigaleak as well.

Nintendo lotcheck spreadsheets for Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Nintendo 64DD, Virtual Boy, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Pokemon Mini were released to 4chan. (These were previously sent by Zammis on Discord in 2018, and were not redistributed by the unknown group responsible for the other leak releases.)[11]

In May of 2020, a new era of leaking had begun. More and more data from wack0's data breach would continue to be leaked to Pokemon Proto General on 4chan, rapidly increasing in volume with every new leak. Lots of very important BroadOn, iQue and Wii-related data was leaked during this time.

A leak of the software source code and documentation for the iQue Player and Wii was released on 4chan. This leak consisted of two BroadOn source trees, including the IOS source code and project page and the iQue Player software source code. As part of the iQue Player files, some internal data relating to the Nintendo 64 (similar to the contents of the Oman Archive) was found in the leak as well.[16]

Big leak of source code and prototypes of multiple Super Nintendo Entertainment System games, full source code to Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (including all commits since 2006, March 8), the source code and ROM files for the unreleased iQue NetCard, CGB and AGB bootrom source code, as well as lotcheck master ROMs of Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom games were released to 4chan. This was termed the Gigaleak.[26]

iQue/BroadOn localization source code for multiple Nintendo 64 games were released to 4chan. This was termed the Gigaleak 2 and received media attention for containing partial Super Mario 64 source code including unused data.[27]

Pokemon Emerald's localization source code, as well as ATI's Wii source tree (including full hardware source code for the Wii) and the Wii Startup Disc partition data, was released to 4chan.[28] The Emerald source also included a map editor; a screenshot of it was floating around in 4chan prior to this leak, and the leak proved that it was genuine.

3 archives were released to 4chan on this day[29], the contents of those files include: Pokemon Platinum's Japanese source code and its associated SDKs, lotcheck master ROMs of Game Boy and Game Boy Color, NTR bootrom source code, TWL IPL source code, iQue ROMs, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus internal documentation, and many documentations. The folders inside this leak were all modified on 3/13/2018.

One new archive, Secure.7z, was released to 4chan. This archive contains a bunch of leaked presentations and spreadsheets (and allegedly some source code for the Switch GameCard bootrom). It also contains plans for a different (yet familiar) design for the Nintendo Switch, the early oval design people saw in leaks from 2015 and 2016.

A comment on 4chan prior to this predicting that the Switch bootrom would be the final release strongly implied that this would have been the last release of data from the breach, at least from the entities responsible for the majority of the 2020 releases.[33] After this, no further leaking would continue for the next seven months, leading many people to believe the Nintendo leaks were over.

In lieu of popular rumors saying the Switch bootrom from December would be the end of the leaks, on July 20, 2021, the community was blown away with a total of 10 new leaks of internal Nintendo data posted to 4chan. These contained datasheets for the Wii and Switch, several source code repositories related to the Wii and GameCube (such as the source code for a Nintendo internal version of Revolution SDK 3.2, and the source code for the GameCube startup menu), more diagnostic tools, an undiscovered prototype of Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, and much more.

3 archives were released to 4chan, crush.tar.gz.001 , crush.tar.gz.002, and crush.tar.gz.003[34]. This leak contains several internal Wii disc images, including the "Wii Crusher", a disc that restores the Wii to its initial factory state before having the System Menu & firmware installed. This gives a way to install "sdboot" or "nandboot" on the Wii, official bootloaders that can run custom code from the SD card or internal NAND, which would allow for BootMii as boot2 on any Wii (including Family Edition and Mini consoles).

Soon after the Spaceworld ROM was shared in pret, screenshots of the build were slowly posted to 4chan's /vp/ board. The hype ramped up and was at a maximum when the ROM got leaked. The translation was never finished (files for an unfinished translation were released on 2020, Apr 22 - this was presumed to have been from TSW) and TSW becomes quiet.

In December 2019, when Ganix uploaded the Diamond/Pearl beta sprites, a friend of his leaked the URL and doxxed him on 4chan. Ganix then admitted to uploading the beta sprites as well as other actions on the Glitch City Laboratories Forums, stating he had deleted everything.[36]

In March 2020, everything else TSW still had (given to them by Ganix) were released to 4chan (refer to the 2020, March 19 leak above). Ganix got furious and made a long statement on discord, saying how TSW could not be trusted. He also referred to the content Zammis gave him as "bad data", resulting in that phrase becoming synonymous with him.

In April 2020, Ganix posted screenshots of the following: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (GBA) debug menu, Pokemon Generation 3 games' debug menu and Pokemon Ranger builds in the Hall of Origin Discord server.[37] He deleted those messages shortly after posting them. These were later posted to 4chan (refer to 2020, May 19 and 2020, September 30 leaks above).

There are some rumored minor upgrades to the S21 Ultra. The 120 Hz screen is said to jump to 144 Hz, putting it on par with the Asus ROG Phone 3 and Lenovo Legion Phone Duel. According to a recent leak, the quad-camera rear array has been given a slight redesign, blending into the side of the phone and lifted further from the frame. 041b061a72


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